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Come on England !!!

Typed this late last night but I guess my net connection died right at the moment when I posted it on line.

COME ON ENGLAND !!!! Whats happening to you ???

You know we're in trouble when Emile Heskey gets recalled to the England squad.

First we get Steve McLaren as a manager... An uninspiring choice if ever there was one...

Now, over half the team are injured too. As far as I can remember Rooney, Lampard, King, Hargreaves, Beckham, Dyer and Crouch are all out.

Then we get Emile Heskey back. OK, it sounds like he's had a couple of good games for Wigan, so maybe he's justified his re-call. But, I just remember thinking that he was a bit useless whenever he played upfront with Owen. A lot of people on the 606 message board seem to think this too. OK, there are normally a couple of prophets of doom amongst us England fans, but we're not all usually this pessimitic.

I don't follow the English national team that much. Sure, as an English girl who loves football, I cheer my country but I spent most of last year's world cup thinking that England rode their luck, and heartbreaking as it was to get knocked out... well erm.. actually it erm... wasn't that heartbreaking at all at the time. Rooney's stupidity and subsequent sending off echoed Beckham's in that all so important match against Argentina 8 years of the only time I've ever followed the world cup and really believed we had a chance of winning it (the other being Italia 90.)

I thought that Portugal outplayed us for most of the game and I was gutted for all of 2 minutes when they scored that crucial penalty. If I remember rightly, I spent the rest of the night 1/2 dancing, 1/2 trying to stop myself falling into a man in a (pee-tar-kon) ghost costume who was almost as drunk as I was... and telling a drunken scouser that had just happened to end up in the same place as I was how embarrassed I felt to have to support such a crap national team.

Anyway getting back to the story, at least we're playing Israel, a supposedly crapper team than us (but as England fans we're normally brought up to believe that every other team in the world except perhaps Brazil are crapper than us...), so, Heskey or not, we should have at least some chance of winning...

I think most of BKK will be supporting England tonight too. I guess most people here don't have a clue who Israel are, or who is in their team. Even though most of them aren't playing, Thai people usually know who Beckham, Owen and Rooney are, and will probably cheer for us because of them.

One last thing before I crawl into bed...

Very, very bad Emile Heskey joke...

England manager Sven Goran Eriksson spots a turd on the England training pitch.
"Who's sh*t on the pitch?" He asks.
Heskey replies "I am Boss, but I'm good in the air"

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I take back what I said about Heskey. I didn't see the match, but apparently Heskey had a great game last night.

Engalnd 3 Israel 0

Roll on Russia

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