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9 พฤศจิกายน 2550
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Your mother says you've been in Bangkok...

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Your mother says you've been in Bangkok...

"Bet you're right glad to be home..." (erm.. not really. I walked into a house that is World War 3 meets the Royale Familty. Glad wasn't a word that entered my head when I listend to my parents screeching and complaining at each other.)

"You don't look right brown luv. Int it s'pose to be hot there ?"

"Oh, ***** once went to Pattaya"

"Bet it'll be good to have some decent food down yeh..." (erm ??? english food ?? real food ????)

"Why the f**k do you wanna come back home?"

Am seriously starting to wonder about the last one myself... Only been here 2 days and am already working hard on planning my escape...

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