Samitivej Hospital, Bangkok Hospital and BNH Hospital joined force in hosting the “3rd Medical Symposium” in honor of His Majesty the King from 21-23 September 2011 at the Chalerm Phra Baramee 50 Years Building. The symposium will open opportunities for medical doctors across the nation to exchange views and ideas, information and technology update as well as to strengthen their network and relationship. Key topics to be shared and raised include
• A keynote speech on “His Majesty the King and Thailand’s Medical and Healthcare Development” by Prof. Emeritus. Dr. Kasem Watanachai, MD, a Privy Councilor.
• A keynote speech on “Thailand’s Medical and Healthcare in ASEAN Liberalized Market Context” by Dr. Chatree Duangnet, Bangkok Hospital’s CEO, and Mr. Raymond Chong, Samitivej’s CEO and Managing Director.
• Technical update on new information and interesting researches related to various specific and most frequently found diseases, such as problems in Autistic & ADD children by Prof. Dr. Penkhae Limsila, a specialist in Autistic and ADD, and Dr. Cholpatr Sookkasem.
• Presentation and discussion on new state-of-the-art technologies that help increase accuracy in diagnosis and treatment of various diseases while reducing pain and time to recover.

Interested persons may register at 0 2378 9214 or email with Bt500 fee per seat. All proceeds from the registration will be presented to HM the King for use in the Chaipattana Foundation.

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