The Nine Talented, Beautiful Women in Top Positions of Thailand’s Tourism Sector

 It’s time for Facebook Travelista, a travel columnist which has covered Thailand’s tourism industry for more than 30 years, to introduce nine distinguished female executives in 2016. These figures who have full potential, unique beauty, elegance and charm play important roles in Thailand’s tourism. (This is not ranking but it is Travelista’s coverage on women who hold top executive position.) Their contribution in tourism sector makes them outstanding and exceptional

1.Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul Minister of Tourism and Sports

On August 31th 2014 she was appointed as Thailand’s Minister of Tourism and Sports under the government of General Prayuth Chan-ocha. She earns bachelor of architecture from Rhode Island School of Design, US. Once selected as 1 in 13 world’s leading businesswomen and received excellent businesswoman award, Kobkarn served as Vice Chairperson at the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Chairperson at Toshiba Thailand CO., Ltd. She applies her business expertise to her responsibility as Minister of Tourism and Sports when the country expects tourism revenue to strengthen Thai economy. She puts all of her effort into developing tourism sector. The straightforward, slender, stylish woman is usually reported going overseas for tourism and sports business which she is looking forward to bring 2.2 trillion baht to Thailand.

2.  Juthaporn Rerngronasa, Deputy Governor for International Marketing Europe, Africa, Middle East and Americas at Tourism Authority of Thailand

Juthaporn was once Acting Governor as she was the most senior governor at Tourism Authority of Thailand. She has served as Deputy Governor for a long time. The female figure was in charge of various managements including domestic market, marketing communication and international markets. She earns bachelor of political science (honours) form Chulalongkorn University. In 2010 Juthaporn was selected for the excellent alumni award. The Deputy Governor had employed her expertise in international marketing, leading Thailand’s tourism to the prosperity despite of political and economic crises. With smart international marketing concepts, Juthaporn never misses an opportunity to present the Thailand’s capacity before foreign businesspersons in tradeshow or roadshow, making Thailand distinguished among other nations. Throughout her years of as Deputy Governor, Juthaporn always work with smile on her face, reflecting her beauty which is second to none.

3. Sarinee Sangprasit, President at Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd.

Sarinee was an old crew who has served Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd. (Aero Thai) for nearly 30 years. Her vision is to push forward Thailand’s air navigation to be the leading organization of ASEAN. With her knowledge and experience, she intends to lead Aero Thai to become an efficient organization. This fuels the organization to be awarded excellent public enterprise with good management prize 4 years consecutively and honorable innovation award. Her latest research under the topic “Deep Space Development Strategy for ASEAN Community Preparation” is the only study that was awarded by Thailand National Defend College. Sarinee is a cheerful, gentle, tall and slender woman with good personality and beauty. Sarinee, who loves wearing Thai textile, always treats her subordinates nicely and dedicates to the organization.

4. Supatra Chirathivat, Senior Vice President Organization Relation and Image at Centara Hotels and Resorts and Central Group, Vice President Public Relation and Organization Image, Tourism Council of Thailand

Supatra holds to teachings and principles of her father, Tiang Chirathivat, a millionaire who instills volunteer spirit to his children. He teaches them to do business in profitable with social responsibility ways. The example of his taught was clearly reflected in his bookstore, the first of its kind in Thailand where customers are allowed to read without pay if they do not want. As Supatra has been taught to be simple, humble, hardworking, high-minded and upright, she sets goal to grow Thailand’s tourism while working for Tourism Council. She is the subcommittee chairperson on public relation who is responsible for promoting the council image. The woman who is often seen in elegant, gorgeous dress always devotes a great deal of effort in her organizations and Tourism Council.

5. Piyaman Techapaiboon

Piyaman is CEO at The Regent Group, Chief of Economics Association Chulalongkorn University and used to serve as President at Tourism Council of Thailand for two terms. She is another woman who devotes to Thailand’s tourism sector as well as social responsibility. During serving as the President at Tourism Council, she was an active member of public-private joint subcommittee on economy. She develops Thailand’s tourism to be as competitive as other industries, leading to the immense revenue generated by tourism sector despite of political crisis and schism. She holds to preparation of Thailand’s tourism sector for ASEAN community (AEC), promotes revenue distribution to various potential tourist attractions not limited to popular areas, and reconstructs Tourism Council of Thailand by increasing Regional Vice President positions. She put all of her effort to Economics Association, Chulalongkorn University and establishes Regent Cha-Am Hospitality School to provide students with hotel and tourism expertise for AEC. Apart from her capacity, she is regarded as beautiful, elegant woman with fair skin.

6. Thaniwan Kulmongkhol, President at Thai Restaurant Association

As “food” is a significant product of Thailand’s tourism”, Thaniwan oversees more than 30,000 restaurants registered as members of Thai Restaurant Association and is the co-founder of ASEAN Food Federation, focusing on creating important points of sale for food in Thailand and ASEAN member states. Thaniwan is not only an expert in Thai food and royal recipes who owns brand “Klong Thip” (Divine box food) but also initiates the famous “10,000 Eggs in Chinese Five-Spice Blended Soup with a Gigantic Pan of Fried Rice”, a project on Food Day which made headlines on several newspapers. The president also puts forward Restaurant Champion project and promotes restaurants in row house as beautiful, clean and non-toxic restaurants. She also organized the well-known non-alcoholic beverage and food festival. After the economic crisis when Bangkok’s airport was occupied, the female figure granted more than 2,000 Thai restaurants with the access to 300,000 – 5,000,000 baht government fund per each. Moreover, she helps Thailand’s restaurants in addressing copyright issue claimed by music and entertainment company. She is a good-looking, forward-thinking woman who always has creative ideas.

7. Pittaya Vorapanyasakul, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Krungthai Card Public Company (KTC)

She is a spearhead who drives KTC to fully engage with the travel and tourism business. She cooperates with Thai Travel Agents Association and the Association of Domestic Travel in organizing Thai International Travel Fair (TITF) for many years. She initiates Thailand Boutique Awards project to promote the establishment of small and medium hotels around Thailand. By organizing various activities along with collaborating with tourism partnership to organize events both in Thailand and overseas, she helps promote images of KTC to be an extraordinary, fashionable credit card for travel lovers. She is a beautiful woman who always looks smart.

8. Pornsiri Manoharn, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at N.C.C. Management & Development CO., Ltd.

Pornsiri who was renowned as the first lady of Thailand’s tourism industry, is a former Governor at Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and President at Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA).  She is the only woman who is appointed to the position. Additionally, she was selected for Thailand’s Excellent Person Awards in economic development. She devotes to work and used to serve as a board member at several public enterprises. She has put full effort into Thai tourism for several years. Even though Pornsiri had retired from job years ago, she was approached for top positions both in private and public sectors. The female figure was recently CEO of Boutique Awards project and led TAT out of political crisis and world’s economic crisis for several times. Pornsiri is a cheerful, fair-skinned woman who usually dresses beautifully and treats everyone nicely.

9. Sutassa Laohongkiat, CEO at Fashion village Development Co., Ltd.

Sutassa is the distinguished businesswoman who owns famous clothing brands like Zein, Haas and On Board which generate annual revenue up to 1 billion baht. She is fond of tourism business and aims to develop Thailand as one of the most outstanding world’s tourist destinations. Her intention is to promote Thailand as the country where people are nice and friendly to attract people all over the world. Apart from the conventional tourist sites including palaces, temples, waterfall, mountains and sea, Sutassa plans is to create European-style tourist attractions. Thus, 1.2 billion baht was invested to “The Venezia”, a tourist attraction inspired by Venice in Italy, aiming to promote Hua Hin and Cha Am, Phetchaburi as perfect resort towns. The fair-skinned, slender lady who dresses elegantly did this in order to turn Hua Hin into tourist destination while did not mean to compete with business rivals

About the author: Sathita Sorassa, a journalist who has covered tourism industry for 30 years, travels around Thailand, visits every ASEAN member states and over 50 countries around the world. She has published 25 tourist pocket books and currently writes columns for several magazines and blogs including “Travelista Traveller.”v

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