˹ѧͪشµ͡ (͹ 2)
˹ѧͪشµ͡ (͹ 2)

25 ػ ҹ¹ (39 Supercomputer, E. Packard)

˹ 50

Rubbing his hands withdelight, Hopstern replies, Example. If you let Genecomp have this computerback, they will send you another one that works perfectly but is much lessintelligent. And if you tell thegovernment about it, they will turn it over to the CIA and give you a fewthousand dollars in compensation.

That doesnt sound bad.

Its nothing,nothing. Dr. Hopstern shakes his head vigorously. Nothing at all, compared to what you couldhave!.

Then what should Ido?

Work with me. Weshall be partners! Seeing you hesitate, he adds, Together, we can makemillions.

Its not easy todecide whether to become partners with Dr. Hopstern. He seems aggressive and greedy. On the other hand, he is a computer expert,and he seems to know a lot that you dont.


ͻ칼ʹоٴ ¡ҧ ˹չҤ ǡҨШѴ觤˹觷ӧҹ騹 礧ҡ˹¹ ˹ͧҧѰžǡҡд֧ͧǢͧѺ Ǻҧըҵͺ᷹˹ - ѹ


...¹ ¹͔ .ͻ˹ҧ秢ѹ



ӵا ǹѹ! سҡǺѴ ͡ѹǡöԹҹ!

ѹµ͡õѴԹ㨢ͧسǡѺͧͻ침Тǹ Ҵءաҹ˹ҡ繼Ǫҭͧ繾觷سдԡ

ҡѴԹҨ鹡Ѻ .ͻ Դ价˹ 54

Ѻʹͧ͢ ٷ˹ 52 Ш

16 ͤ͹ʹء ùѹ (69 Rock and Roll Mystery, J. Wallace)

˹ 86

After a struggle, youfinally get Kurt to exchange his robe for some of your clothes. Molly, Jill, and Lisa file into your room,and you can tell theyre returning to normal. But theres no time for a reunion-you have an alien to destroy!

Jill, Lisa, you werehere the longest. Did you have a chanceto listen carefully to the New Syndrome music? you ask.

Sure. Its verysimple music. Jill says, Its all in the key of C and never has any sharp orflat notes. I hadnt noticed before, butits weird that their songs never deviate from that formula.

Theyre all the samelength and same harmonies, Lisa adds. Even the same volume and tempo. I wonder why.

Its because themusic ties into Dr. Novas computer system and helps him to control the peoplehere. Well, were going to short-circuithis plans. Were going to give a farewellconcert the New Syndromes will never forget!


ѧҡõѴ׹㹷شسѴöʹͤ͡ҡǢͧͼҢͧس᷹ ԫͧس͡ѹҾǡҡѺ繻áҨзѡʴԹշ˹ҾҡѹաسеͧӨѴҧ

ԫ سҹ͡ʿѧբͧ ԹҧԹԨԨóҺҧҔ س

͹ ѹ繴շҷشͺ ǹдѺ. §٧§ 鹩ѹѧࡵҡ͹˹ҹͧҢءŧҹ§ູԴš仨ҡࡳҧ”

駷ǧӹͧФǢͧҹ鹷͹ѹԫ ͹з觨ѧеʹ駤ѧͧ§ѹʧ¨ѧҷ֧ҧ鹔

Ҵҹ鹼١ԴѺкͧ͡ҫ觪㹡äǺ ҨеͧἹâͧ ǡҨШѴ͹ҪԴ Թŧʹ仔

9 šѧ ѹѹ (75 Planet of The Dragons, R. Brightfield)

˹ 6

Shaken, but unharmed,you stagger out through the hatch. Yourlegs feel as stiff as an old dogs. Froma quick examination of the life pod, you can tell that it will never fly again. Its nose is crumpled, its fins are brokenoff, and its electronic and power systems are knocked out. At least your emergency food supplies areintact, and your chemical analyzer is working. The atmosphere of the planet is thin, but youre able to breath, so whenyour legs regain their strength, the going should be fairly easy.


ѹ͹͹ʹ¤سǹ ¡С͡Ҩҡͧе٢ҷͧҧ秷ԴѺҢͧعѢ ҧШҡǨҹվسͨк͡ҪҵԹѹѹкԹա ҾǢͧѹҧժ鹴 պաͧѹաѺԹ ͡ҡк硷͹ԡкѧҹѧԹ ֧ҧäس⪤价͡ʺ§ءԹͧسѧҾշءҧͧҧѧͷӧҹ ҡȢͧǴǧҧö ѧ͢ҷͧҧͧسѺçѧس͡Թʺ

79 ǺԹ Ǵ ԭ (123 Silver Wings, R. A. Montgomery)

˹ 34

Sounds good to me,you reply, looking at the maps.

What if we go down?Penny asks

You always look atthe dark side. Joss says softly, busying himself with the weather maps.

Hey, tis great to beready-its what I taught you, Peter adds.

Today, the four of youare taking a long-distance flight in your soaring clubs two new motor gliders.These are special gliders equipped with a very light engine, mounted in thefront of the fuselage, and two seats-one behind the other.

Its spring vacationin southern California. The day isclear, hot, and dry. The wind is fresh and out of the northwest. But there is ahint of coming storms-you can feel it in your bones.


” سͺСἹ

Ƕŧ? ྐྵն


ѹͧºԹ ͹سǹ蔻

ѹس 4 еͧӡúԹŴͧԹ2 Ӣͧ ͧԹ Сͺͧ¹좹ҴҴҹӵǪǧ¡ շ 2 ҹ˹дҹѧ

ѹѹҡ͹ͺ㹪ǧѡĴ͹ ǧԿ·ҧѴҨҡȵѹ§˹͹ʹʴ ҧ֧͡طѧҤسҡҧѧóͧس

83 ü¢ͧǡ ͹ ԪԵѡ ʹ (# к Space Hawks,Faster than Light, E. Packard)

˹ 96

We were just having alittle powwow about that, Pete says. Zbong and the red-furs say that if wejoin with them against the green-furs, then the greens will realize it would behopeless to fight, and theyll surrender. Then the reds can go in an unify the planet. Were divided here on what to do. Were not sure we should trust Zbong. Perhaps we should contact the green-fursourselves. What do you think?

If you agree to joinwith the red-furs, turn to page 84.

If you advise againstit, turn to page 68.


觻Ъͧ ͧշ͡ պͧѺҢᴧ͡ ѺǡҨѴáѺǡ ǡǨӹǹҡҢᴧѧͧǺҡҹ˹ǵ͹繢ͧͧᵡͧ͡Ҥ㨫պͧҺҧҤõԴ͡ѺǡҢǴµͧ Ǥسդͧѧ?

Ҥس繴¡ѺѺҢᴧ͹Ѻ˹ 84

繴 ͹Ѻ˹ 68

28 ͧԹ (85 Inca Gold, J. Becket)

˹ 114


You run forward. Thecar is swaying so much at the high speed that its nearly impossible to keepyour balance.

You make it to thedoor that leads to the locomotive. Theguerrilla leader is alone in the locomotive cabin, his right hand gripping thethrottle. You pull on the door, but it wontopen. You bang on it. El comandanteturns around. His eyes and face are wild. Hes a man possessed; nothing will stop him.

You look back, up,down. Theres something! A red handle.Behind a pane of glass on the wall. Yousmash the glass, grip the handle, and pull with all your strength. Youre launched forward with the velocity ofa popcorn off a hot griddle. Luckily,you hit a padded seat.

The train wheels havelocked. The steel wheels grinding on the tracks send up a shower of sparks asthe rain hurtles into the station. Waiting passengers and street vendors scatter in panic.

Youre thrown againstthe seat once more as the locomotive breaks through the metal guard at the endof the tracks and comes to rest against the far wall of the station.

Theres a moment ofunnatural silence. Then screams, and thesounds of people rushing toward the crippled train.

سҹö¡㹤٧س᷺ç躹ѧ㹷شسҶ֧е٫觹öѡ ˹ҧ㹹§Ӿѧ͢ҢͧѹѹѧѺ س֧еԴ͡ س֧ѹ˹ѹѺҴ ˹ǵҢͧѹ仴¤ѹⴹԧ շҧشѹ

سҴµ价ǨҡѺͨѺᴧѹ˹ѧШѧسغШᵡ ͨѺǴ֧ç ǤسǡѺ١Ѻ⪤շзҡѺз



ºʹԷѹ仪ִǡ§մͧ 餹ҡѹѧö

43 ĵ (7 The Third Planet From Altair, E. Packard)

˹ 51

At this moment, theocean of the Third Planet seems a forbidding place. You suspect there is more to be lost thangained by staying in it. You blast offand return to the Aloha at top speed.

The captain isdistressed to hear that Bluenose has been put out of action. He directs you to proceed on a new mission,exploring inland-this time taking Dr. Vivaldi with you.


㹢йطâͧǧǴǧ ٨Сʶҹͧ سѹռҡҡоѡ 鹤س͹ҹǡѺҹҴ¤٧ش ѻѹ֡Դѧ㨷¹Ӻʶ١ԡԺѵԧҹسѺԴͺ˹ҷ͡Ǩ㹺dz鹴ԹФ駹 . Ŵ仡Ѻس


Ժ繵ҧءѹԴͧͧ ͹ ٤ºѺ鹩Ѻѧࡵúҧ

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