She’s Back: Miss Bolivia 2010 to compete in Miss Universe

After a controversy that made international headlines due to her age, Miss Bolivia 2010, Olivia Pinheiro, surprised Bolivian media by announcing today her confirmation to participate in the Miss Universe 2011 pageant to be held in Sao Paulo in September. The announcement was given this Monday by Promociones Gloria, organizers of the Miss Bolivia pageant.

The controversy took place during February, in which local media tried to clear all the situations about Olivia’s eligibility to the international competition. The whole situation affected her to the point that she resigned to represent Bolivia in Miss Universe, but would retain the national title.

But on Monday, it was informed that Olivia had been accepted by the Miss Universe organizers, and that rules state that the contestants must have been ‘under 27′ by the time they compete in nationals. Olivia was 26 when she won the contest in August 2010, which makes her eligible.

When interviewed about the whole issue, Pinheiro just limited to say that she fulfills all the necessary requirements and that all the controversy surrounding her age were nothing but a “campaign orchestrated against me”.

The announcement surprised media covering the Miss Bolivia 2011 contest, set to take place on Thursday June 30th. After this change, the winners this year will go on to represent the country in Miss Universe 2012, Miss World 2011 (London) and Miss International and Miss Earth.

Olivia Pinheiro is a psychologist. She speaks Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and English. She stands 1.77 m tall and will carry the Bolivian sash in Miss Universe 2011. Diario Opinion

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