Miss Macau 2012

The private audition of Miss World Macau 2012 was held at MGM Hotel (Macau) on June 03, 2012. 8 models and former pageant contestants participated in this audition. Local celebrities such as photographers and socialites were invited to place their votes based on contestants’ facial beauty, catwalk and communication skills.

Winnie Sin, a 25 years old TV Sport Commentator and classic ballerina got the most votes and the title. As Miss Macau 2012, she will compete in Miss World 2012, to be held in Ordos, Inner Mongolia.

Winnie participated in Miss International last year. Standing 170cm, the new Miss Macau was a former synchronized swimmer and used to participated in many international sports games as a national team member, like the Asian Games. Her ambition is to become an influential public figure and to be able to dedicate fully to her society.

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