Miss Estonia 2011

The Miss Estonia 2011 contest was held in Virtsu on June 25th, with a special exposition at the local museum featuring photographs of part winners.

Four contestants competed in the contest, and the winner was 20-year old Madli Vilsar, a university student from Saaremaa who stands 1.80 m in height. She was crowned by Miss Estonia 2009, Diana Arno.

The 1st princess was Maarja Roosentau, 2nd princess was Heleene Maeots and the 3rd Princess was Xenia Likhacheva.

Madli Vilsar is expected to represent Estonia at the Miss Universe 2011 contest in Brazil in September; however her participation has not been finalized as organizers, in the official website, ask for patrons to sponsor the license fee and the winner’s airfare to the competition. During the past couple of years, the Miss Estonia contest has been for sale.

Heleene Maeots, also crowned Miss Tallinn during the event, is expected to represent Estonia in the Miss Interncontinental 2011 pageant to be held in Spain in September.

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