Miss England 2011

England, the host country of Miss World 2011 and the Olympic Games 2012, has crowned its MW11 representative, and she is Miss Everymodel, Alize Lily Mounter, 22, (centre). Miss England finals took place at the Birmingham Metropole Hotel. Second place runner upwas Miss London Rissikat Bade (left) and third place runner up was Miss Rugby Rebecca Morton.

Although the UK has won the Miss World title on 5 occasions (one was dethroned) and produced some of the most spectacular women to have competed in Miss World, some of which went on to become Bond girls, England, which started competing in 2000, has never had a semi-finalist in the pageant.

Alize will make her best effort to change that, as she welcomes beauties from 120 countries to compete in the Miss World 2011, in London, on November 6.

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