Miss World Alagoas 2011

Maria Daniella Borçatto, Miss Maceió, was crowned Miss World Alagoas 2011, in the city of Arapiraca. Miss Arapiraca was the 1st runner-up, and Miss São Miguel dos Campos was the 2nd runner-up. Fifteen candidates competed.

The winner is 18 years old, 1.71 m-tall, and a student of Economics and Law. When asked about gay marriage and adoption, she said:

“I am completely in favor of adoption by gay couples. Who can prove that such childen will have psychological problems for having two fathers or two mothers? I believe a child has a bigger chance of having any kind of psychological problem if he/she is not adopted at all. A loving family is what a child needs, that’s it”.

Maria Daniella will compete in Miss World Brazil 2011, on August 13, at Hotel do Frade, in Angra dos Reis.

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