Miss World Guam 2011

After a 15-year hiatus, a new Miss Guam World was presented last night at the Hyatt Regency Guam, when Siera Robertson was crowned the 2011 Miss Guam World. Robertson was also named the winner in the Best in Evening Gown competition.

Anya Mendiola was the 1st runner up and Miss Personality (this category was voted among her peers), Natalia Faculo was the 2nd runner up, Best in Swimsuit, the Madeleine Bordallo Beauty with a Purpose Award (she raised $8,284.83 for the ALEE Children’s Shelter), and the iConnect People’s Choice Award garnering 34% of 32,000 total votes. Alisa Eclavea placed as 3rd runner up, and Leialoha Borja won Miss Photogenic.

“Everyone was awe-struck by all fourteen beauties last night. They all stepped up their game and Siera came up victorious. Miss Guam World’s return was a huge success thanks to the dedication of these fourteen beautiful and talented women!” said Pinki Lujan, 2011 Miss Guam World Pageant Director.

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