Miss Eco 2015

Miss Slovenia, Patricia Peklar, won the 1st edition of the “Miss Eco” beauty pageant held at the Alzahra Hall of the Hilton Green Plaza in Alexandria, Egypt on April 5th, with the participation of 9 beauty queens.

Peklar also won the Miss Talent, Miss Stanley and Miss Citystar Shopping Mall awards.

2nd place went to Netherlands (Talisa Wolters), 3rd place went to Australia (Nadine Roberts) and 4th place was awarded to Chile (Catalina Caceres).

Miss Netherlands was chosen Miss EgyptAir (sponsoring airline), and United Kingdom was chosen Miss Hilton.  Mexico won the Miss Elegance award, while Chile won Best National Costume.

Newly-born Miss Eco aims to work with environmental causes around Egypt.  The second edition will take place in April 2016 in Alexandria and Cairo.

10428438_1574920559437392_2770320661335776983_nBest National Costume went to Miss Chile


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