Miss Universe India Dethroned

Now I’m She: Urvashi Rautela sashes Shilpa Singh as the new Miss Universe India 2012, who will go on to compete in Las Vegas. Courtesy I Am She

“I am She “, organizers of Miss Universe India, announced on Wednesday that the winner of this year’s competition Urvashi Rautela was dethroned due to conflicts that jeopardized her participation in the international Miss Universe pageant to take place in Las Vegas.

The press release sent by the organization stated the following:

We would like to announce Urvashi Rautela’s relinquishment of her title “I am She – Miss Universe India 2012″ to Shilpa Singh, who was crowned “I am She – Miss Globe International 2012″.

Shilpa Singh will now represent India at the Miss Universe Pageant to be held in Las Vegas in December. The afore stated relinquishment is due to Urvashi’s contradicting contracts as the winner and titleholder of the pageant “Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International”, a fact which she unfortunately overlooked during her participation on I am She 2012.

Urvashi further acknowledges and agrees that she did not confirm the minimum age criteria as required under the I am She pageant as well as the Miss Universe pageant.

Urvashi was born in February 25th, 1994. Miss Universe rules state that competitors have to be at least 18 years of age by February 1st. She now joins an extense list of beauty queens who have lost their titles in 2012.

20-year old Shilpa Singh stands 174 cm in height and will represent India in Miss Universe 2012

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