I had an interesting evening yesterday.

Last Friday I was assigned translation of an affidavit for a case filed with Family Court of Western Australia. The translation direction was English to Thai.

One thing that my customer (a translation company) requested was to get an affidavit signed by a Justice of the Peace. I agreed that I could get it done.

However, after I completed the assignment, I had a feeling that what my customer asked (above) was not the right process. So I searched a website of Department of Justice of Victoria ( to see a list of duty carried out by a Justice of the Peace.

The website explains that therole of a Justice of the Peace in Victoria is largely administrative. This includes: (i) attesting to the executionof a document; (ii) witnessing a statutory declaration; (iii) witnessing anaffidavit; (iv) certifying a true copy of an original document; (v) certifyinga persons’ identity.

Having read the list, I made a phone call to the nearby police complex to check if a Justice of the Peace would come in on Tuesday, the only day that a Justice of the Peace would be available from 5pm to 7pm. The police could not confirm and suggested that I called a call centre for a list of Justice of the Peace.

I found three Justice of the Peace in my area. I called one for advice on his power regarding translated documents. He said that a Justice of the Peace could not certify correct translation but what he could do was to certify that my signature on the translation was true which I would need to show him my specimen signature (for example, on my driving licence or my passport).

I then called my customer to explain the situation and rechecked with them what they wanted to get done by a Justice of the Peace.

This was when I started to get really confused. I have translated several court documents, personal documents, certificates and have never needed anyone to certify my translation because I can certify my own translation under my NAATI accreditation.

Even though I made a phone call to my customer for instruction, the instruction was not so clear. They said that other translators always gave their affidavits along with translation of marriage certificates. Well, those were marriage certificates. The document I worked on was an affidavit fora court case.

To prevent further confusion, I asked my customer to send me a sample of an affidavit that other translators did for them. The form came in and aha….it an affidavit given by a translator using a standard form of a government department to confirm that his translation was correct and that he had relevant qualification to do the translation. The affidavit was signed by a Justice of the Peace.

I got the idea now.

I tried to amend the form of affidavit to suit the type of document I was working on. The file was locked perhaps because it was a standard document issued by a government and no one was allowed to alter it.

Then I remembered that the Justiceof the Peace that I discussed with on the phone mentioned a standard form ofaffidavit published on the website of the Department of Justice ofVictoria. The form was in PDF and I wasgoing to cut and paste in a Word document in order that I could insert mystatements. On a second thought, anycourts normally require deponents to state in their own handwritings (includingcourts in Thailand). So I printed out asit was and wrote the following:

I, [my name], of [my address] dosolemnly and sincerely affirm: -

(i) that I am competent to make this translation of the affidavit andhave the following translation qualification: NAATI Professional Translator No.67061; and

(ii) that the attached is an accurate translation of the affidavit fromEnglish to Thai language prepared by me; and

(iii) that the signature as appeared on the translation and the sourcetext is my true signature.

Affirmed at [place of affirmation]

This [date/month/year].

- signed – [signature of deponentmaking this affidavit]

Before me

- signed – [Signature ofauthorised witness (a Justice of the Peace)]

Having completed the form, I called another Justice of the Peace who lived even closer to my area. I was going to meet her at the police complex near my house (3km walking distance for me as I don’t have a valid driving licence for driving in Australia yet). However, she said she would come to my house after work. I felt relieved.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it that evening as she was tied up with an overseas guest. She called me to let me know that she would come the next day (yesterday) and would sign the document for me definitely and that there would be no problem and that she would call before she came to see me.

On the day of the appointment, I waited for her to call me. At 6pm, there was still no sign of a phone call from her. I could not delay submission of my work to my customer any longer. So I called the police complex near my house to check if a Justice of the Peace was available. There was one at the time and he would be there until 7pm only.

At the time, the rain was pouring and it was very windy. I had to walk 3km in the rain with a nearly broken umbrella, making my way to the police complex while I had to make sure that the affidavit, my translation and the source text would not get wet.

During the walk, I felt like I wanted to blame the Justice of the Peace who missed the appointment, my boyfriend for being out of town when I needed him to drive me to do this important task, my customer for requesting this additional paper when they didn’t need to (as my signature was sufficient). Then I realiased that the only person to blame was myself. I put myself in this situation because I did not get a clear instruction from my customer since the beginning. Had I done so, I might have negotiated for a higher fee due to hassles I would need to go through on the Justice of the Peace matter and I might have planned things better than they were. As a positive thinker, I now know how to do an affidavit when requested for one. Experience is priceless.

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