ó˹ ֡˹ѧͧԴդسҹ ͹䢤 ҤҵͧѺ

Ҥ觫 ͡ǡ 20, 30, 40 ҷ ᾧش 50 ҷ ᾧҹ

ѹԧǹҹպ Ͷѧ⿹ 3 ͧͧ¹駵͹ 3 շ ´ѧ黡 ;ҧ ͧ jail break Һحͧ ѹµͧ áѺѡ

ҡ˹ѧͪشµ͡ѹ֡ѧ¹֡ҹ ش繪شҪͺҡͧشҡ ҹִѴҡ͹ ͡ҧ˹ ҹ (¹餹ҹ)

Ѻբ¤úش104 ͧ˹ѧ͵çѲҡ 件Һͪ͡شش ѧҡ ҡ 3,640 ҷ Ҥú Ҿ꡹ ҹ͡ дͧ 蹨Ѻ Ѻ

ҧթѺѧɨѴش ҹ 26 ҩѺѧ ѹ 70 ҷहҤҨԧ͹ѹ $1.99

ѧҡҡ觨ҡ ebay ա 50 ᾧ͹ѹ $ 6 ẺԴҹǴ͹ͧҨԹҡ

ѧҡѺ˹ѧͩѺҡ觷ª¡Ѻѧ ҢҴ˹ ҡ鹡 ֧ҩѺѧ ա 觨ҡ ebay ǹ˭ ҧ令ͨҡҹͧ㹡ا෾ͧ 6 Your Code Name is Jonah, E. Packard Ѻ 144 Comet Crash, E.Packard ҹѧ

˹ѧͪش Choose YourOwn Adventure˹ѧѺ ѡ¹ѡEdward Packard Ѻ . A. Montgomery ¹ͧǡѺü ҹ͡Ҩ价ҧ˹ зѧ Ҩе Фҹͧ͡ ¹áSugarcaneIsland ͡㹻 1976

˹ѧͪش Choose YourOwn Adventure ´ҡ㹪ǧ 1980 1990 ؤѧ ˹ѧͪش µ͡ 觨Ѵӹѡ 纺͡ Ѻ ҡ (ԧ?)

ª Choose Your Own Adventure Ѻѧɷ


ª˹ѧͪشµ͡ Ѻ



˹ѧǡѧʧҨҹúء͹ ԴҶ֧ҹ診 ҧ ١١ҹй

Ѻչѡ¤ ʹ Ǵ ѹѹ ùѹ ҹ¹ üѡйҸ ó ǡ Ը dzԪ

¤ҡ¡͹˹ѧ͡ѹѧ ӹǹẺ˹ Դº˹ҡѹ ҹǡʹաӿҧ ҧ¤ҹǢѴ ն§Դ żԴ ҹͧҹʹء

ͧѺҹբͺͧ硹һ ˹ѧ·ѧ google 鹢ѧѡصѾ ͡ҹ ҹҹѺ͹ ˹ѧͪشաëԢԷҨѴ .. (ѧѺ) Ǩ͹ҨТ´ ( ҹ) ѡ˹ѧͪشԹ繤٨ѡ(ҡ .. ФԴҪԹѧ)

Ҩ¡ҧҡҧ Ҩº͡йѡ¤


91 ҳҨѡ (18 Underground Kingdom, E. Packard)

˹ 14

You lunge for the babybird, hoping that you can use it as a shield.

Even as you move, youfeel a rush of wind as the mother dives to protect her baby. You realize that youve just made the stupidestdecision of your life.

Strangely, the motherbird did not harm you. Instead, you feel that you have been put into atrance. Strangers till, you sense thatsomething has set time back that you are being given another chance.


س١ ѧѹСӺѧ

㹢зس͹Ǥسѧ֧֡Ѵٺз蹡ŧͻͧ١ͧѹ س˹ѡҤس觨зӡõѴԹ㨷ҷش㹪Ե

蹡ѹ¤سС㴤سѺ֡Ҥس١鵡ѧ зš仡ҹ鹤س֡úҧҧ͹Ѻ ҤسѺ͡ա!

45 šǧ ѡй (80 The Perfect Planet, E. Packard)

˹ 44

Youve gone a fewhundred yards when you hear a rumbling sound. Turning, you see two great mumpa beasts. They look like bulls but stand much taller. Their coats are long and shaggy. Theyre so thin you can see their ribs. And their huge brown eyes are glazed. You feel pity for them until, suddenly, theycharge your Scout ship at full speed!

The impact isfrightening. Two fuel lines rupture atonce. Yellow flames curl out of the portthruster. A moment later the mumpabeasts and your Scout ship go up in a tremendous explosion!

You stand there for along time, shocked by the devastation, trying to figure out what to do.

If you decide toinspect the wreckage of your craft, turn to page 10.

If you decide tocontinue in your search for Utopans, turn to page 36.


س͡ԹٺdzͺҧҡҹҡԹ§״Ҵѧҡҧҹѧ ѹѺ仡ҢҴѡͧٻҧ٧ բǻء繻֡ӵǼ繻⻹ç ǧչӵѹ سѡʧþǡѹǨ ѡҪҹҷͧس¤´

ç͹ҧҡǷԧѧѹ ͧǹ¨ҡͧ¹ҾѺҹҷͧسԴҧعç

س׹ѹçҹҹ㨡Ѻ˵ءóԴ й֡˹ҧзӵ

ҤسѴԹ仵Ǩ٤¢ͧҹԴ˹ 10

ҤسѴԹ㨷͡ҪⷻѹԴ˹ 36

8 ҹҼ Ը (52 Ghost Hunter, E. Packard)

˹ 59

You pull the dooropen. By the fragrant aroma, you know thatyou have found the cedar closet! Youvealmost forgotten about ghosts as you hurry to the back of the closet, if youcan call it that its as big as a small room. You shine your light on the panel next to the floor at the right rearcorner. Kneeling down, you take yourpocketknife and insert a blade edge between the floor and the panel. Your heart leaps as the panel flipsopen. You pull it back and shine yourlight on a small leather box.

You unlatch the lidand lift it up. The box is filled withdiamonds all glistening and sparkling in the beam of your flashlight!

Then you feel thepresence this time close behind you. Youwhile your light around. A sack descendsover your head. Powerful hands squeezeyour throat. Everything goes black.

The End


س֧еԴ͡ ҡͧѹسҤس龺մ سͺͧʹԷзԹ价ҧҹѧ ԧҨ¡ѹͧ СѹբҴ˭ѹ سҴ俩价Ѻ鹷ҧҹҢͧشسءŧԺմѺ͡ҡմçͺҧ鹡Ѻ鹵蹹Դ͡ س֧ѹ͡Ҵ价ͧ˹ѧ


Ǥس֡ҧѧ ǹѺسҡ سѹ俩¡Ѻ ǡնا˹ҤФس ѹѴӤǷءҧ״

- -

67 Ѿط ó (105 The Treasure of The Onyx Dragon, Alison Gilligan)

˹ 93

In the morning, whenyou compare the map from the historians journal with the one drawn in the ashes,youre puzzled. The maps are similar indesign, but the spot where the ship is supposed to have sunk is completely different.

Im not sure which mapto trust. You say to Hannah.

Beats me, Hannahreplies.

If you decide tofollow the instructions on the historians map, turn to page 70.

If you decide to trustthe Indian tale and the map drawn in the ashes, turn to page 59.


㹵͹ͤسººἹҡ˹ѧ;ѵʵѺἹ١Ҵ鹨ҡҤس֡Ҵ Ἱٻҧ¡ѹҨشҴ͹ҡ͹Ѻҧŧ鹡Ѻᵡҧѹԧ


ѧ§㨩ѹԔ ҹҵͺ

ҤسѴԹ㨷СзӵйӢͧ蹷ҧѵʵԡ˹ 70

ҤسѴԹ㨷㹵ӹҹͧԹ¹Ἱ١Ҵ鹨ҡҾԡ˹ 59

70 ἹѺشʹͧ . ᡹ dzԪ (72 The Brilliant Dr. Wogan, R.A. Montgomery)

˹ 67

The stream of peoplegetting off the ferry merges with those now getting on for the return trip tothe mainland. It is quite easy to loseoneself in the crowd. Surveying thedock, you realize to your dismay that the man identified as a Yenrotta is nolonger to be seen! Where is he? Youwonder. Maybe hes aboard theferry. You turn to warn the woman, butshes gone.


餹ѧ͡ҨҡԹŵҧԹǹѺôҼԹҧǢҡѺ蹴Թ˭ 繡ç·лл仡Ѻ٧ зѧʹµ价 ͹ͧس˹ѡҪ¤Ѻ¹ѧ¹͵ҹµ ˹? سš㨨ԧҵ͹Ҩ躹ǡس֧ѹ͹˭ԧǢҧ µ!

48 ˹ ǡ (4 Space and Beyond, R.A. Montgomery)

˹ 80

It is possible that hostilealiens infected Axle for a purpose. Yourteam reports back and is assigned a search mission to find the delegates andtrack down what they were doing.

Only one clue exists.It is a radio transmission recorded on your research vessel when Axle made itscall for help. The message is unclear, but it gives space coordinates thatinclude the neighboring planet of Fleedes. You travel there, and what you find is appalling. The planet is almost uninhabited. There is the wreckage of cities andtowns. It looks like a massive war hastaken place, but there is no evidence of victorious force in command. There is evidence of the fever here too.

If you choose toconduct a cleansing operation, turn to page 111.

If you decide tosearch the past to find cause of the plague or whatever is ruining thiscivilization, turn to page 112.


ѵٵҧǹӤԺѵԴä¤㨤Тͧس§ҹѺ ж١˹˹ҷѹ龺ͨҾǡҡѧáѹ

ͧ§СǷѧŧͧ¹§Էآͤͫ觷ҹͧسѹ֡ѹǧբê鹹ѧѴ Դ͡ѹǾ鹺ҹ֧ سԹҧѧ 觷سҢءͧѹ͹ҧ ͧԹ Դʧ˭ҡաͧѧ誹Фͧ§ͧ¢ͧäҹ鹷ŧ

Ҥس͡ӤҴͧ ԡ˹ 111

ҤسѴԹ㨤ʹյ˵آͧäáҧҭ¸Ѻ ԡ˹ 112



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