FB Status v. Machine Translation (1)

FBStatus v. Machine Translation (1)

Lastweek, while I was in Perth, in order to know what I was up to, my partnerchecked my Facebook status for update. Later on that day on the phone, he was telling me about strangetranslation he read after he translated one of my FB status using Bing. It was this one below.

Mystatus on 28 Sept 12

ที่นี่เขากำลังฮิต krilloil ขวดละ 300- เจอภูมิปัญญาบ้านเราเข้าไป กะปิเคย กระปุกละ 30 บาทนี่แหละ ถูกกว่าเยอะ อร่อยกว่าด้วย

HumanTranslation -Krill oil is popular here and it’s (Baht) 300 each. Well, our (Thai) local wisdom uses krillpaste and it costs only Baht 30 which is a lot cheaper and more delicious.

Bing Translation - Here he is a300-bottle of krill oil hits see wisdom House into the vaginadid. $ 30 per jug here you are, a lot less expensive than aroikwa.

Icouldn’t stop laughing when my partner read me the translation. ‘What does krill oil have anything to do withvagina?’. Or Bing translates based onshared quality (odour in this case)? Yikes!

To my curiosity, I tried Google Translate and itshowed below.

Google Translation - Herehe was hit by a bottle of krill oil 300 - see our intellectual paste into your bowl at 30 I was more than just delicious.

Apparently, google confused ‘hit’ as in ‘popular’ with physicalattack. Also it doesn’t know that werefer to ‘people’ in general, we use the word ‘เขา’ which is notsex-specific.

Readon for more interesting translation by free translation software.

MyStatus on 12 Oct 12

นอกจากจะเป็นนักแปลแล้ว ยังต้องทำงานธุรการให้ลูกค้าด้วยนี่แปลคำให้การชุดนี้เสร็จ ต้องเอาไปให้ Justiceof the Peace เซ็นรับรองเอกสารอีก เอ้า ขอมาก็จัดให้ ไม่คิดเงิน

Human Translation – Apart from being a translator, I also have to doadministrative work for my customers. Once I’m done with translation of this set of affidavit, I am requiredto bring it to a Justice of the Peace to witness.

BingTranslation - In addition to translators. The Administration must work tocustomers. This translated to a set of finish must be removed, theJustice of the Peace, signed the document, provided no Ouch! Ithink.

GoogleTranslation - Furthermore, it is translated. Administration continues to work with customers. This statement must set out to completethis Justice of the Peace signed document out, it would not charge.

Thecommon sense shared between the two machine translation is ‘Justice of thePeace signed document’. The translationis still within legal context so it’s not so bad.

MyStatus on 11 Oct 12

ตัวอยู่นี่ แต่ใจอยู่บ้าน (กรุงเทพ) แล้ว ก็ธุระมันเยอะ ไหนต้องเรียนเย็บผ้า ทำหน้า ตัดผมลดน้ำหนัก ดูหนัง กินข้าวกับเพื่อน สัมนาวิชาการ จัดบ้านใหม่เล่นกับแมว ฯ

Human Translation – I am herebut my mind is at home (in Bangkok). Well, I have so many things to do like going to sewing class, havingfacial treatment, having a haircut, losing weight, going to cinema, dining withfriends, attending seminars, rearranging furniture, playing with my cats etc.

Bing Translation

The fall here, but feel at home (Bangkok) and business it staff.She wants to study sewing. Acting hair cuts to reduce weight. See a movie withfriends, eat rice frequently held seminar house catsplaying with new inner.

I like it – ‘กินข้าว’is literally translated at ‘eat rice’. As we know, translation software do not consider cultural element whengenerating translation. Thai people say ‘กินข้าว’ (eatrice) but it does not necessarily mean we eat rice (for breakfast, lunch ordinner). We eat anything – pasta,sandwich, hamburger, noodle and we say ‘กินข้าว’. It is because rice is our main diet.

Google Translation

I live here, but my heart ishome (s), then it's engaged. I do not like sewing, cutting weight with eating movie Seminars held at the newhome with a cat.

I do like sewing! Googlesimply distorted my word with its translation. (ha ha)

MyStatus on 10 Oct 12

กลับไทยปั๊บ (กลางคืน 3 ..) วันรุ่งขึ้นมีประชุมใหญ่สมาคมนักแปลและล่ามแห่งประเทศไทย ไม่ไปก็ไม่ได้เดี๋ยวเก็บคะแนนไม่พอต่อใบรับรองคุณวุฒิแปลของออสเตรเลีย (ใบที่เพิ่งต่อไปนี่ก็หืดขึ้นคอ คะแนนเกือบไม่พอ)

Human Translation – As soon as Iarrive Thailand (the night of 3rd Nov), the next day I have toattend an annual general meeting of the Translator and Interpreter Associationof Thailand. I cannot skip it or my CPDwon’t be enough to renewal my Australian translation accreditation. (The one recently renewed was tough and Ialmost didn’t have enough points.)

Bing Translation - Thai backimmediately (3-night woes.) Day dawn has a large Association of translators andinterpreters of Thai country. Do not go there. Now keepscore not enough per certificate qualifications translation of Australia (thefuture arrived here, breathing deeply, almost not enough scores.)

Bing should have been smart enough to know thatthe word Thailand exists instead of using Thai country in its translation.

Google Translation - ToThailand once (night 3 Nov) The next meeting of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Thailand. No it does not. I do not haveenough points to qualify for a certificate of Australia (The following is just a neck asthma. Not nearly enough).

Google, you’re too smart. How do you know that I don’t have enough points? ‘A neck asthma’ – this literal translation ishilarious. ‘หืดขึ้นคอ’ means hard or struggle to accomplish (something).

To becontinued

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