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ѧҡ觤¡Ѻ͹ҹʹԷѹ ѡͺǹԹ繡ԨѵҡԹ§ѹ ӹ֡ Ҩҧһѹ觹 лҡ¡ѹԹ ¹Ѵѹ价Ӻحظ
(Today I will take you guys to a temple. Let's go
After discussion with my colleagues we all agreed to go to the temple besides staying at the office gossiping our company hahaha. We will go to Ayutthaya.)


͹ͧ͢͡件 ҡҹѧҹѹͧ¹ ͡д Ժ ҾлШѹԴͧ͹件·Ѵ ͧͧͧ͢кҧ仫ͧ͢ ҷѴҧҧ ᷹ح Ѻһ᷹ 价Ӿʧͧ
(Before going we went to buy some stuffs to give for monks. Like you know we don't like one that been prepared by the store. I don't know if some of the stuffs have already expired or not. So better buy and wrap them by ourselves. )



͡ҡا෾ϡѹöͧͧ áչͧºо ش¢ͧҤ͵ͧ÷ӺحѴ դѡ ʹժǧ鹹ӷظ Ѵʹ͹ 价Ѵҧͧк Ѵ ç¹ǡѹ ҧǧͧ͡͹ԪҨ¸Ѻ硹ѡ¹ ըѧ¹Ѻ黯ԺѵԨԧ
( Early morning Tor came to pick me up and Jeab joined us too. Our destination is a small temple in Ayutthaya. Since a flooding there last year a lot of temples have been damaged by the water. So we decided to go to Wat Sa Bou we've been here before there's a school in a temple area. Sometimes the monks come to teach the children at school)

FINO ͺ« ͺͺ


ѧҹ Թ任ǹӤҴҤ¹Դ˹ ǡ͹Ѿͧѹͧ˧ԧ˧ԧ ÷ҡԹ繷شظ ¡Ѻ ҹӵչ Ңӵչ·شšѺ 仡ѹ
(After giving the stuffs to monk we take a walk around the temple for awhile. Then we went to find something to eat. We are going to Yum Teen Kai place. Do you have any ideas what it is? hahaha it's a kiosk famous for spicy salad and a famous menu is Chicken Feet spicy salad hehehe. You may not believe me unless you go taste it and I bet you will love it too.)

ҹö ˹ҹҪش¤سѧ 觡Թҹ Թͧش觧ҹ ѹҫѡѹ鹤ѹ觹 ҨйҹҤ͡ ҹ ͧѡѹ ͧѡѹ (ͧ繾͵ѡþó¹)
(This kiosk is next to a wedding dress shop. Just imagine eating and watching wedding dress and wondering if I have a chance to wear it hehehel. It's so pathetic but I'm sure Im not that desperate hahaha. )

ҹբͧҧ ҧ繷ش Ӽʴ ˧ش˧Դҧ ѧҧ鹨¹ жʹ鹢Ҵ ҧ¤͹¹Ҵ
(If you guys go there I have some menus to suggest like grilled pork with nice smell sauce. Fruits spicy salad is nice too but the thing that's annoyed me the most is they don't have Som Tum Pla ra my favorite dish. )

ҹس Hostel


ѧҡͧǵ֧ͧ ҡͧѹͧԹ ҵͧõ ( ͹ª鹷ҹ稵ͧբͧҹ˹ ǡҢ¼٧ءѹзչ¤Ǻ ö ҹس խҵҢعŹ·˹͡ ҹسзٴ֧ Hostel ᡧҪͺ繾 Ҿѡ ҷѹ Ũҡͧǧҡѡ ͹ҹسлѺا Ҿ˹ ҪͺẺҡҹ ҡ ѧ ¹觡Թῡѹ ͡ ˺ҡȴش ᴴ§ ѹѧ觡ѹ
(After the main course we wanted some desserts so we decided to go to Baan Khun Pra. It's the hostel with a nice river view. So we had coffee there. They have renovated it's still nice but I like the old one more. )



¡ѺŻѨѹ ᢡͧǧ˹仵͹˹ ըѧ 㨡ѺҷԨԭͧ ͧöѡظ йӷѺѡºʧº ǹж١ ЪѹͧФ
(Anyway if you guys wanna stay here you have to wait for next 4 months. Until the occupancies are available. It's good to know that they're going great. I would suggest here is a nice place to stay in Ayutthaya. Very nice atmosphere and so traditional too. )

ҡѺҧ͡ Ƿçѧʴظ ҨФ Ҹ
(Okay it's time to go. I will see you guys soon. Take care . )

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