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Home Stay in Chiangrai : 仾ѡʵ§Ҩ

§¤ǹ¹ҡ仾ѡѡẺʵ ͧ ѺԵԵѳԤͧŻԹ觪ҵ Ҩѡɳ ҹ繺ҹҧҡԹᴧ ʹԹͧ蹼ҧѺФ͹յԴ˹ ͡ҨдٸҵԴ ˹˹ǹ͡ҹҢҧҡȨ ǹ˹͹źᴴ㹺ҹ ͹Դ· й ԻѭҪǺҹ Ҫ蹪ԧ

˹Һҹպ͹§ Ңͧҧ͹ЪӤ ١ѹҧ ͡͡ǡ ҡҡ Ңͧҹ١ Ѻ觨ҡǹ١ һ蹹ҧ ҢͧآҾ ѹҹῴ᤻ ¨§ ǡѺʭ ᾹҴҴӼ Ѵѡʴ Ѻô١ ѹͧͧ͢

ҹ觨Ժῷ§˹Һҹͧ ͧ˹Һҹ ʺ㨨ԧ ҡçҹѧ ǡͧѺѧ·ا෾ ա ͤš ҡ·駼˭ԧ ԩԹԹ ͧҺ͡ ͧҤ ǹ ǧ شջѭ Ҷ÷ !!! ѹ¡ѹ˹ 駪 ҡѹ ͹Ҿٴжͧͧͧ èѧ Ҿٴҡѧ ѹͧͧͧ ҹ¤Ҿ㨨Ѻͧͧ ѧѹͧͧ ǡͧ㨡Ѻ觷ͷ ͧͧ 仿ѧѺͧ ͹Ǩ ⴹ ͹еѴ Ң ͧѺѧâͧ ԡҡҡ ҷҹͧͧͧҨоҴǢǷ˹ѡ͹ѹ

ҹѡ դ١ҷͧ¹Ф дǡʺ жѧѴҴš¹͡ҡ Internet High Speed ա¹ ѧҨйҹ˹ѧͧشҢͧҹҷͧ ͨԹ͡ѧا仺ҹҨѡɳŻԹ觪ҵ ǵԴѹ ͡ͼԵѳԤ ҹ仢ҧ 駹 ҡ¡ҷ¹ ԴçԹչ ͨ͡仪ͻʴǹҢ¡ ҢͧҹԹվ仨

ҡǹҹ͹ѺǺҡ͹仾ѡҹҵ ͹ʹԷͧ仴ٹФ ǹ鹤ͧ͹ѺǤ仾ҧ §- Шѹ礧ǧǡѹй Ԥ

͡ҧѹͧ պ ¡ ԡ˹ǹ ҹѺѡʴ š Ǥʹª ҹҡ 㨡ѧ Ǩҹѡ ٺЪ͡Ѻ١ͺ ҡԹѡͧç㨾اͧ ѹ᷺ͧԴ ٷٴҷѹ §¹ҹѡ ѹ ա ѡԧ

зء駷§ ҧ׹еͧ仡Թ »ǹ ҡҧҵҴ乷 Ҵ乷硡ҷ§ դѡ »ǹ͡Ẻ շ ͷҹ ١» 繴 ҡԹ᷺ͧ ׹ ˹Ҵ§о͹ зԡʴҡҡ ҡ͡Ѻҹᨡ͹ѡԺا

ǹõҨѧõա乷§ 繾ͤҵǹҪС ʹ ʪҴ· ҹҡ 駡ͺѧ ش˹عФ ҢͶٻͤҵǹ觨ѧ Ͷ˹º͡ ٻ˹ٴ ͤس ѧչǧաе

Ի⪤´ Чҹѧҹ ԴѴͧسѡɳ Hardware Դ˹ ҡѺ Ҹ 駹ҹ괴 §!!!

I've been to Chiang Rai last time I stayed at Thong Sam See Home stay instead of hotel. The house is built from red soil mix with straw and concrete. It's so natural and make me feel like home .

There's a pond in front of the house. In the morning the owner will cook oganic food for you and you can join her cooking class too.

I had a coffee with a nice view make me dont want to come back to BKK But my working life here in BKK so no choice

This home stay have a kitchen and you can cook whatever you want. After breakfast you can spend time in the library or you can walk to a ceramic museum next door.

Lunch we had Dim-Sum and noodle, Ohhhhhh its so yummyyyyyy I want to eat more but poor Jay, she has a tiny belly hehehe.

Every time I go to Chiangrai, I like to go to night barzzar, not for shopping, but for Thai Dessert Bua-Loi very tasty and Roti you can see from the pic, I cant describe how delicious they are here

This time it was unlucky for me because bidding wasn't success But I will try my best again next time Pray for me then hehehe

Welcome to Thong Sam See Home Stay

In front Stair

First you will see patio

The way to go Library Room

Bed Room


Beautiful Orchid

Drinking Fruit juice waiting for Breakfast

Passion Fruit

Banana Roast

Fresh Vegetable

Healthy Food ...

Home stay Owner Treat Red Wine .. WOW

Dim Sum

Yummy Noodle

: Thai Dessert

Bua Loi Pa Auan

١õ : Mom and Little Son, Roti Seller

Pomegranate 4 kilos 100 THB : Ѻ١ ¨

Ceramic Product

I want to buy all

Inside Museum

Outside Museum

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仾ѡ§´¤ФѺ ͧͺ͹ૻẺѺ ѡѺǺҹԧ ẺԶ ѡ蹴չФѺ ҡѹѧ͡鹨ͧдٺҧѺ

: ͹ (͹ ) ѹ: 3 ѹҤ 2550 :14:50:19 .  

ҡԹ ҡԹõ ҡԹ ١ͺ ҡ ੾
ҡͧԹҡ ˹Ҷա ˹¹л 2 ا

: ¡ IP: ѹ: 4 ѹҤ 2550 :15:05:04 .  

home stay ҡ¨

: ʫŴ ѹ: 4 ѹҤ 2550 :18:52:02 .  

i want to go there with you . wow very nice countryside . i miss it so much . one day i really want to visit there with someone ( maybe not born yet ) hehe
yeah food look yummy and your girls look happy and so freshy na ja .

: gracy IP: ѹ: 4 ѹҤ 2550 :21:31:33 .  

I could really go for some of that dessert right now... it looks delicious

: P'Chris IP: ѹ: 4 ѹҤ 2550 :22:47:08 .  

Glitter Graphics


: ʫŴ ѹ: 5 ѹҤ 2550 :8:46:04 .  

Դ͡ѹ SPY Ӥҭ ͺҹҷź

ͺԩѹͧҹͧԩѹԤФ ԧǹҨժԵ繢ͧͧ仹Ф س͡Ȼҹ

͡ԩѹѺմ¹仵ͧ ͧ

Ԩó ͤس, ҷͧٴµҤ¤

㨹 Ҿٴ .... ¹ǡҷԴФ

: jaysephine ѹ: 16 ѹҤ 2550 :21:27:43 .  



: azamiya ѹ: 19 ѹҤ 2550 :21:11:14 .  

ǧҡ ¨
Ǻ Merry X'mas

: ʫŴ ѹ: 22 ѹҤ 2550 :13:00:10 .  

ʴդ ҺԴͧ͢ η ¤ ҡ仾ѡ ʶҹҡ ͺسФ

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ʴդФس CAN ͧɴ¹Ф Blog ѹҤس CAN ʶͧѡ
سçä 081-4352915
͡ҢͧФй Ŵ ʹءФ

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Thanks very much my dear Jay, to promote my homestay !! I have another number to reach ,it's
081 7831210. I wish you all the best and happiness for the New Year. Love,
Aj. Songsan

: samsee IP: ѹ: 23 ѹҤ 2551 :14:49:51 .  

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