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Sex Rules

Sex and The City came back strong with #1 spot in the US Box Office. After 4 years we have been waiting for Carrey, Samantha, Charlott, and Miranda, I have to say… it’s worth the wait. The writers did a superb job.. that’s all I can say. You have to go watch it - especially if you love Sex and the City. Some might claim they never watch the show and might be afraid that they will not get what this movie is about. It doesn’t matter. The movie provided you with enough background and you would Get Carried Away……

Jessica Sarah Parker’s never been this beautiful before! She with the wedding gownS will take your breath away (I didn’t imply whether she would get married or not.. I’m just saying..You need to go see the movie and find out what happens). She’s gorgeous! Although this movies seems like it is for women, in my opinion it’s deeper than that. I looked at how the writers pulled things around you, tied them up, and made a story out of it. The writers brought the story with lot of sense of humors through fashion, friendship, relationship, love, and commitment. The writers are also smart enough to keep the essences of the original series on HBO and nicely integrate them into the movie. This movie is not just about a bunch of old ladies and sex like others are thinking!!!

Ohhhh.. I love the soundtrack in which incorporates the original theme melody.

Fergie sings this song called “Labels of Love” — it’s not only a soundtrack title, but also is the main idea of the movie.

Come to listent to the soundtrack on my website and read other blogs at //

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