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ผลการประกวด Miss Hungary 2008 , Miss Thailand Universe ,Miss Egypt Universe chosen in special event

Budapest, HUNGARY - For the first time in many years Hungary chose its Miss World and Miss Universe representatives from the same pageant, A Kiralynö.

The winner, Szilvia Freire from Budapest, 24, is the new Miss World Hungary. She will compete at Miss World 2008.

The 1st runner-up, Jazmin Dammak from Budapest, 24, who is half-Tunisian, won the title of Miss Universe Hungary. She will represent her country at Miss Universe 2008, in Vietnam.

The 2nd runner-up, Krisztina Polgar from Törökszentmiklós, 21, was crowned Miss Earth Hungary. She will be competing at the Miss Earth 2008 pageant.

Congratulations to the winner!

Bangkok, THAILAND, May 24 - Gawintra Pothijakra, a 22-year old student of Communication Arts from Bangkok University, won on May 24th the title of Miss Thailand Universe 2008. She also had won the Miss Healthy and Slim by Sealect TUNA award.

Gawintra, who stands 1.76 m tall, will represent Thailand at the Miss Universe 2008 pageant to be held in Vietnam.

The frist runner-up (Miss Thailand Earth) was 21-year old Piyaporn Deejing. Piyaporn is 1.71 m tall and is currently studying Economics. She will represent Thailand at the Miss Earth 2008 contest.

The 3 other runner-ups were Chavallakorn Wattanavisitkul, Pirada Kajornmalee and Arnanya Chinsangchai (Miss Photogenic). They will represent Thailand at Miss Intercontinental, Miss Tourism Metropolitan and some other pageant to be defined.

The Miss Thailand Universe 2008 pageant took place at the Pullman Bangkok King Power in Bangkok. The event, which lasted for about 2 hours, was telecast live to the whole country by BBTV Channel 7.

Cairo, EGYPT, May 25 - As the Miss Egypt 2008 pageant is scheduled to take place in December to celebrate the event's 10th annuvirsary, Miss Egypt Organization (Face To Face) had to choose a representative to Miss Universe 2008.

A special pageant was held last night in Cairo and among 12 contestants who were all runner-ups in the last three editions of the pageant 20-year-old Yara Naoum, who was last years 2nd runner-up, was crowned Miss Egypt Universe 2008.

Yara who stands 176cm-tall, is a senior student at the Higher Institue of Cinema in Cairo, and has already starred in a major film production last year.

She is also a part-time model.

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