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Nataly Chilet, Miss Mundo Chile / Tina Mutombo to represent Congo in Miss World

Miss Mundo Chile 2008

Model Nataly Chilet will represent Chile in Kiev

Nataly Chilet (23), has been chosen to represent Chile at the 58th Miss World contest in Kiev, Ukraine, next October.

Nataly, a professional model from Santiago, Chile, is currently studying to become a Veterinarian. and stands 1.73 m tall. Coincidentially, her great-grandmother was born in Kiev.


Miss Democratic Republic of Congo 2008

Tina Mutombo will represent Congo in the Miss World contest

A Dublin model will represent the Congo in the Miss World contest.

Nurse Tina Mutombo (23) has been living in Ireland for 11 years and is a well-known face on the Dublin modelling scene. But last month she travelled to her native Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for the Miss DRC contest.

She was crowned Miss DRC in the capital Kinshasa and is now busily preparing to represent the country of her birth at the beauty pageant which will take place in Kiev this October.

"I love my country so much and I've always wanted to give something back," she said.

Proud to be Congolese-Irish and "emotionally attached" to Ireland, Tina was eager to "trace her roots" by taking part in the Miss DRC contest.

Tina represented her tribe -- the Balubas -- in the contest which saw her compete with 21 other women to become Miss DRC. And a delighted Tina was stunned when she was announced as the winner.

"I was overwhelmed. I wasn't living in a dream any more, I was raptured into reality," she said.

Tina moved to Ireland with her family in 1997 and attended the Sacred Heart Secondary School in Drogheda. Not surprisingly, she has developed a little Irish 'twang' which was seized upon by her fellow contestants.

"They were calling me 'Irish girl'. They were all slagging me and they kept telling me I was a foreigner, how I didn't speak like them," she joked.

"And I was like, OK, in Dublin I get all this, now I come to the motherland and I'm getting all of this.

"Every time I stepped onto the road, they'd say 'Irish' -- they weren't even saying Tina. It was funny," she said.

Along with all the Miss World contestants, Tina will travel to the Ukraine in September, one month before the October 4 contest. The annual beauty pageant will be broadcast to 200 countries worldwide.

Despite the attention the upcoming event is sure to attract, Tina isn't nervous. "I conquered fear a long time ago. I know who I am".

"I'm really excited and looking forward to meeting Miss Ireland, because I can talk to her about Dublin," she said.


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