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ผลการประกวด Miss JAMAICA UNIVERSE 2008

Kingston, JAMAICA - 18-year old April Jackson has just been crowned Miss Jamaica Universe 2008. April stands 6 feet tall and she was Miss Jamaica UK 2006.

The Jamaican beauty will now represent her country in Miss Universe 2008.

Runner-ups were:

1st RU was Doneika Plowright
2nd RU was Rebecca Silvera

Winner:April Jackson

Name: April Jackson
Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Weight: 145lbs
Vital Statistics (Bust-Waist-Hips): 34”; 27”; 38”

Why did you enter this competition?
I entered Miss Jamaica Universe because I am a proud Jamaican; it would be my honour to bring the Miss Universe crown home for the first time. Having lived in England and visited elsewhere I have seen Jamaicans being portrayed both positively and negatively; I believe that Miss Jamaica Universe is an ideal platform that will enable me to defy those negative stereotypes and be a great role model by inspiring young people locally and internationally. Also, MJU will add to my portfolio of experiences by allowing me to meet new people and face challenges that will contribute to my personal development.

What personal attribute(s) you feel will give you an 'edge' over the other contestants?
All the contestants have their different strengths, however, my strengths that I believe will give me an edge are my ability to articulate, learn quickly and my maturity. It is clear that this competition is not just one of physical beauty; hence I believe that the winner will need to be able to form and express her opinions clearly in order to compete for the Miss Universe crown and advocate change in whichever platform she chooses. Miss Jamaica Universe 2008 will have to prepare for the international competition in a relatively short period, therefore it is vital that she can be trained easily. Lastly, having traveled quite extensively and worked alongside my father in business for years I am a mature young lady that has achieved and is eager to continue achieving great things.

How do you intend to take home the Miss Universe crown for Jamaica?
I intend to take home the Miss Universe crown by standing out, therefore not only focusing on single aspects of my person based on the judging requirement but focusing on me as a package. The contest carries high requirements which I have begun to familiarize myself and I will therefore need to prepare so that I not only meet these requirements but to exceed them. I plan to bring recognition to our great country by remaining in the spotlight and performing well in all the challenges I would face throughout the month prior to the final day. It would be my duty to show the world why Jamaica is so great and that is because of its people and their ability to make their mark on the world despite being the size of a dot on the map. Most importantly I would be myself and represent our beautiful island with dignity, poise and grace.

What will be your platform (charity) if you win, and why?
If I became Miss Jamaica Universe one of the things I would like to do is work alongside some of the children’s homes to create programs such as mentoring, improve the facilities and increase awareness. I am currently volunteering with the National Children’s Home of Jamaica and Marigold Children’s Home and I can see that there is a lot more that could be done for these children many of whom may remain in care until they are 18. It is necessary that these children receive counseling and are prepared to enter the real world when the time comes. I believe that is it is important that those who are more privileged and able give to the less fortunate, be it taking the time to visit the children, donating money or material goods. Being Miss Jamaica Universe would allow me to be even more successful in my efforts to effect change and advance the conditions of children’s homes islandwide.

If you could pick the winner (other than yourself), who would that be, and why?
Although the group is full of great personalities and beautiful faces making the decision even more difficult, I would pick Lauri-Ann Ainsworth based on what I have seen so far. She seems to be well aware, accomplished and down to earth; which I feel would allow her to be a good role model and represent her county well.

Describe yourself using three adjectives.
Confident, sincere and jovial.

What beauty product can't you go without?
Lip gloss

Reggae or Dancehall?

"Fashion over style" or "Style over fashion"
Style over fashion

Bikinis or boyshorts for the beach?
Boyshorts (with a kaftan)

first runner up : Doneika Plowright

second runner up: Rebecca Silvera

Top 12 Semi-Finalists
Francine Hall
April Jackson
Adrianna Bryan
Borzana Jones
Jhnnell Eastman
Doneika Plowright
Kadia Campbell
Kimberley Gunnings
Salome Campbell
Rebecca Silvera
Noelle Kerr
Stasha Leon

Top Five
April Jackson
Doneika Plowright
Francine Hall
Adrianna Bryan
Rebecca Silvera

Special Awards:
Photogenic: Rebecca Silvera
Aware: April Jackson
Style: Jeseka Williams
Congenial: Doneika Plowright
Swimwear: Adrianna Bryan

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second runner up: Rebecca Silvera สวยดีค่ะ

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