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Miss International and Miss Earth Panama 2011

Keity Mendieta (20), a student and model from Panama City, was crowned Miss International Panama 2011 during a press conference held at the Hotel Panama on June 20th. Keity was crowned by the outgoing titleholder Michelle Ostler, and will represent Panama during the Miss International 2011 beauty pageant to be held in Chengdu, China, in October.

Crowned as Miss Earth Panama 2011 was Marelissa Him (22), who works as a TV presenter. She was crowned by the 2008 titleholder, Shassia Ubillus. Marelissa will now travel to Pattaya, Thailand, to compete for the Miss Earth 2011 title in November.

Both franchises are property of Tania Hyman Models and Talents, organizers of the Bellezas Panama beauty contest, which also sends representatives to Reina Hispanoamericana and Miss Caribbean Hibiscus, among others. Photos courtesy

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