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ผลการประกวด Miss Venezuela 2009

Miss Trujillo, Stefania Fernandez, 17, confirmed her favoritism and was crowned Miss Venezuela 2009, in Caracas. She received the crown and sash from the hands of Dyana Mendoza, the current Miss Universe. María Milagros Véliz, 25, won the title of Miss World Venezuela 2009. Congratulations!!

Caracas, VENEZUELA - Miss Trujillo, Stefania Fernandez, 17 (photo, left), confirmed her favoritism and was crowned Miss Venezuela 2009 during a ceremony televised live that lasted over 4 hours, at the Poliedro de Caracas.

The 1.78 m beauty received the crown and sash from the hands of Dayana Mendoza, the current Miss Universe. Next year, she will try to conquer Venezuela's 6th Miss Universe crown.

María Milagros Véliz, Miss Anzoategui, 25, won the title of Miss World Venezuela 2009. She will compete in Miss World 2009.

Laksmi Rodríguez, Miss Monagas, 22, will represent Venezuela in Miss International 2009.

The other two finalists were Miss Sucre, Natasha Domínguez, also chosen as 'Miss Photogenic', and Miss Carabobo, Gabriela Concepción. They will represent Venezuela at the Reina Hispanoamericana and Reina Internacional del Cafe competitions.

Completing the top 10, were the contestants from Amazonas, Aragua, Miranda, Portuguesa and Tachira. During the round of interviews, Miss Amazonas suddenly fainted and was taken away for medical attention; she later returned to the stage and answered her question with poise and confidence.

Representing the Miss Universe Organization were Annette Cammer (Director, International Licensing), Lark Marie Anton (Vice President, Marketing) and Roston Ogata (Creative Director).

Former Miss Venezuelas Paola Ruggeri (1983), Veruska Ramirez (1997) and Ly Jonaitis (2006) were among the judges.

One of the highlights of the night was the tribute to Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008, who was welcomed with a standing ovation by thousands of proud Venezuelans waving their country's flags (photo, right).

Beautiful and charismatic as always, Dayana's first words to the crowd were: "Venezuela, we made it!!!". She also stated that her dream is to be able to crown the new Miss Venezuela, Miss Universe in 2009. The pressure is now on Stefania Fernandez' shoulders.


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