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Mister International Philippines 2008 ,Miss Earth Sweden 2008 ,Miss Martinique 2009

Mister International Philippines 2008

- The winner of Mister International Philippines is Ryan Roberts. Ryan was born in the Philippines 24 years ago, the product of an inter-racial romance that blossomed inside the Clark Air Base.

He grew up in Florida and later joined the US Army. After four years of serving with the US Army in Iraq, he decided to come home to the Philippines for a well deserved break. He says that “everyone in the Philippines seems happy” and this is a change of scene from what he is used to see in Iraq.

He extended trip to the Philippines wasn’t only meant to visit relatives but also to embrace a new environment, to recharge, to heal. When the opportunity for Ryan to join the Mister International Philippines came, he had hesitations but in the end he realized that it was worth it and he won it.

At 6 feet tall, Private Ryan says he likes surfing. He is also involved in mixed martial arts. Ryan Roberts belong to the unit called Charlie co. 3/327 infantry division 101st airborne. The unit responsible for killing Sadam’s 2 sons, number 2 and number 3 on the top 52 most wanted list of the USA.

No background in modeling. This is his first time to model on stage. Started working when he was 14 lived on his own and supported himself since he was 16 and still managed to finish school. More than 500 guests graced the finals at A. Venue Mall in Makati City.

This prestigious event had 15 judges ranging from the who’s who in fashion, beauty experts and successful entrepreneur.

Winners: Ryan Roberts Mister International Philippines 2008, 24yo, 6 ‘ from Caloocan City
Jeff Surio – Math teacher, First Runner up, 25yo, 6’ from Malolos
Bulacan JB Espiritu – student, one of the younger candiadates, 19yo, 6’ from Marikina City

Included in the Top 8: Ian Leonel Porlayagan Sary Alsiyed Bryan Baculi Leo Reyes Christian Cayabyab

The winner will compete in Mister International 2008, in Taiwan, on November 26.

Article sent by Michael Lim

Miss Earth Sweden 2008

Stockholm, SWEDEN - In a pageant recently held in Stockholm, Miss Earth Sweden 2008 was crowned. She is Fanny Blomé from Norrkoping, 18, 182 cms tall, and a college student and model.

Fanny will represent her country in Manila, Philippines, where she will be competing for the Miss Earth title.

Miss Martinique 2009

Fort-de-France, MARTINIQUE - Laura Fidi (1m77, 18 years old) became Miss Martinique 2009 on August 24, 2008. She is a student of Transportation. Her father is from Senegal and Auvergne. Her mother has Martinique origins. Laura is said to be very proud of her mix.

She likes travelling and reading. Ms. Fidi will represent her department at Miss France 2009 (December 06, 2008).

The first runner-up, Audrey Ligny (1m82, 20 years old), student of Economics, will participate in Miss Caraibes Hibiscus (December 13, 2008).


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