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The NYTimes Chocolate Chip Cookies

My daughter's school is having a Valentine's Day Cake and Cookie Sale which is for raising money to donate to one foundation..and they've asked parents (not kids!) to make/buy some of cakes and cookies on purpose ! I then take advantage of this event to practise my cookie making skill since I don't do much of it for my baking era !

Given the theme as mentioned above , I finally decided to make a cookie instead of cake and opted for a chocolate chip cookie..honestly, it's more to my own desire than anything else..lol and that is a result of seeing lots of wonderful chocolate chip cookie recipes here and there !

Anyway, there actually are two chocolate chip cookie recipes that I'd like to try which ,according to my brifely research, seem popular ( among food bloggers ) and in my opinion, both are neck and neck..And undoubtedly, the NYTimes chocolate chip cookie is one of them ! Why??

Having seen lots of people made their cookies using this recipe and expressed how good it is, plus reading the article 'Perfection? Hint: Its Warm and Has a Secret' written by David Leite...I then thought there's only one way to find out,like it said in the article...

Anyway,there expectedly is a difference between my cookie and the original one due to chocolate's quality and how I shaped the dough or whatsoever it could be..However,even I was not unhappy with the result this time, yet I'm keen on having a second go at it and hope I could get the better outcome !







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although you didn't appreciate with the result this time, I can see that those cookies look very very yummy. I'm sure that the foundation will get lots of money from yours.

: meawminami ѹ: 8 Ҿѹ 2552 :10:23:30 .  

The texture and color looks so far so Great to me!! Perfect color. Very Very tempting to pick another 20 pieces :D hhahaha How greedy I am!!

: ѹ: 8 Ҿѹ 2552 :14:47:54 .  

OhMiGoD !!!


: puppadoowab ѹ: 8 Ҿѹ 2552 :18:58:21 .  

......´ ҡԹѧ

: dew_monamoji ѹ: 8 Ҿѹ 2552 :19:16:45 .  

ͤҡ ҡԹ

: ʹͧ˧ ѹ: 9 Ҿѹ 2552 :1:09:09 .  

look so yummy !!

: freeplay200 ѹ: 9 Ҿѹ 2552 :12:54:36 .  

wowww...they are perfect and absolutely yummy ka.

: vanillaorchid ѹ: 10 Ҿѹ 2552 :1:15:47 .  

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