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Again, Life is uncertain! , the lesson from Sri Lanka

My mother and my auntie just came back from Sri Lanka. I am really thank you for the fact that they arrive home safely and have no wound or any injuries.

After listening to my aunt told about the story she & my mom encountered in 24 hours ago, it is unbelievable to know that they (including all passengers) were in the hard time at the Sri Lanka airport.

She told that

While the plane was about to move , the flight attendants shout 'go go go…' in the airplane. All doors including emergency door were opened and all passengers including my mom and my aunt tried to escape from the problem plane. It is unavoidable to be in the situation that everyone fights to leave the plane. Many people have to jump from the emergency exits, where there is a big balloon on the ground. However, it can not full protect the body since there is time constraint. While the previous one still on the balloon, the latter person jump on the him/her. And there is the fact that the balloon is broken, too.

In the bad time, there is still a good luck of my family that both my mom and my aunt sat not too far from the main door. Thus, they used the main door not emergency door and did not get hurt like many of other Thai tourists from the same group.

It is just like a movie but it happens! It is about political issue. I searched and found news here. Sri Lanka shuts airport fearing Tiger attack //

I am thinking about the story happen to them and try to find the lesson of it.

Yes, I think about ‘war’ and ‘peace’! (By chance, today I just visited the Death Railway at Karnchanaburi)

We are just small persons in the big world where there are a lot of threats. For now, there are not only about war, but ‘climate change’ is going to be recognized as a core threat of international peace and security as well.(* from the nation newspaper yesterday)

I think about Dharma, and the fact is that life is uncertain.
I think about procrastinated behavior of me.
I think about destiny.

And ….

I thank you for the destiny that they are safe.

And thank you for the fact that I have times to do good things, to be a good Buddhist.

Start from ourselves, Today.

What do you think u learn from the situation or other bad situation?

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Thank you for everyone ka.

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