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12 มีนาคม 2551
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Practice for essay - issue

Just practicing...

“When someone achieves greatness in any field—such as the arts, science, politics, or business—that person’s achievements are more important than any of his or her personal faults.”

5.25- 6.05

Considering about achievement of persons in any field, such as the arts, science, politics, or business, should the person’s accomplishment are more essential than any of his or her personal faults? Clearly, achievement in career path is very important in life. However, I do not agree that people’ successes in their work are more important than any of their faults.

Firstly, in terms of famous singer, he can sing very well and become popular. However, if he committed any crimes; it is unavoidable that he can maintain his reputation. For example, the most famous singer in Thailand, she is very popular among teenager and was going to be one of the top three superstar in Thailand. Nevertheless, she addicted to drug and involved in selling drug, which is illegal in Thailand. Finally, her life is deemed to stay in prison forever. This case can show that people success must go

Secondly, in terms of business, business leader who have a lot of money and are very successful in his business. But if he do not have time to take care his family, do not have time to take care of his health, and do not have time to use their money. His success in career is nothing. For example, the rich persons in the world are lack of happiness, and many of them are not healthy because of his wrong behavior in eating.

Thirdly, in case of political, successful politicians who their personal life are not good can step down from their success easily. For instance, considering the case of Bill Clinton, the former president of United States, he is very successful in his career. However, once the press knew about his personal life involving with other woman, his reputation was destroyed. And finally, he came down from his US president, and one of reason is because his bad behavior.

In conclusion, I do not agree that personal bad behavior of people is not important than their success. People must balance their success in both life and career especially the persons who his reputation are very important for his success such as persons in entertainment sectors.


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i'm a student and want to practice my writing too.

now i'm practicing Toelf & Ielts writing . It's very hard for me.

I think you are great writing and don't stop your attempt . Keep walking ja...... you are still a student or worker.

If i write an essay how I can check my mistake ? I don't have blog.

I want to improve my writing too.


โดย: ni IP: 30 มีนาคม 2553 20:38:55 น.  


ขอบคุณสำหรับข้อมูลดีๆนะคะ Thank you for nice post



โดย: aomzon (aomzon ) 28 กันยายน 2554 17:47:54 น.  

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Hi, I am very pleased to have my own blog. This blog was inspired from a friend from Pantip -Klaiban.... Actually I do write diary in my book..not everyday but quite often.. and in Thai.

I started to know Klaiban (Pantip) when I intended to have a Toefl test and found out adviser there. Many friends gave recommend on my essays and encouraged me in writing. I wish I can do it better.


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