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Toefl Essay : art and music in secondary school.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? All students should be required to study art and music in secondary school.
Use specific reasons to support your answer.

11.15 -11.55 = 40 minutes

In the post-modern world, many individuals believe that all students in secondary schools should be required to learn art and music. However, a lot of persons argue that those students should have their rights to choose or not to choose to study those subjects. Personally, I agree with those who recommend that all students should study art and music subjects as the requirement of the schools. Among the main reasons are that it will help students to develop their imagination, to reduce their stress, and to find part time jobs easily.

If art and music subjects are fundamental subjects in secondary schools, all students will learn to improve their imagination. Students in secondary schools have to learn many subjects such as statistics, mathematics, sciences, and those subjects make them think only about the fact and rational things. By studying music, teacher will teach them to play some music instruments. They can create their own songs. In terms of studying art, all students will have opportunities to learn how to draw both portrait and scenes. They can imagine the persons who created the theories that they have learned from science class. These subjects teach a lot in imagination.

Without studying art and music, students will find the difficulty to entertain themselves to reduce the pressure and stress. Secondary students have a lot of pressure and they are very stressful from many competitions in education. Normally most students do not know how to decrease those stressful things. Thus, if they are required to study art and music subject, teacher will teach them to sing some songs and create their own sculpture. Of course, they will be very enjoy and forget about the stresses on their heads.

Last but not least, all students who required studying music and art will easily find part time jobs. Secondary students are in the age that has to find their jobs support help their parent’s expenses. When they study these particular subjects, they will have more chance than others. Many restaurants will want persons who can sing and play music instruments to perform entertainment activities.

All in all, I agree with the idea that all students in secondary school have to study art and music as a must. There are a lot of benefits from these subjects that students cannot find from other subjects. They will have range of varieties knowledge and have more choices in their careers in the futures. I predict that all secondary schools will put these two subjects as requirement subjects of their schools. How can people deny the importance of art and science subjects?



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Hi , how boring is your writing z..z.zzz Anyway..English is not your native language and you are not doing so badly. :)


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อยู่เมืองจีนและอยากสอบทั้งโทเฟล และจีแมทค่ะ


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If you have noticed me from this blog, could you please send email to me to

I have some problems about how to take the Gmat and Toefl test in China, I am very sorry to disturb you!! - -''
Thank you very much in advance.


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