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กันยายน 2549
20 กันยายน 2549
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The Day at Home

At first,I thought I would like to write about what going on today about the big situation of the country. But I saw the notice from bloggang webmaster not to write anything that could lead to problem. Otherwise it will be deleted anyway.

Well, today is holiday for me and for almost Thai people. Except some careers like my dad, my mom - They still open shops as usual.

I did not go anywhere at all. Just stayed home, better safe to stay home at this time and better to read books for test preparation.........It has been quite long time that I do not stay home all day! This is because normally on Saturday and Sunday I go outside. See, how busy girl I am. The truth is I do silly things a lot.

Actually I have conference call with my client in Malaysia. Thus, I thought I better tell them that I cannot make the con call with them. I logged in into MSN and keep her update. So she asked me a bit if I am okay. And then we chatted about work in a bit.

In addition,today I tried to access to media to obtain the updated information. Much knowledge that I have never known before. As well as, read and practice Toefl test. And also, slept without deliberately. I falled sleep many times when reading books.

Just now, I watch TV Channel 9. The program called "จอโลก" it is greatly good program. Today it show about "Twin Buidlings at World Trade Center". The program is about what happened on the both buildings after attacked by planes. I had never seen it before and I think I would like to go to see the movie "The world trade center" which planned to be in Thailand tomorrow.

By the way, it was long time that I did not update the health of my uncle. Believe it or not, right now he can go home already. My father and my aunt went to pick up him from the hospital today. The doctor did an operation for his heart on about two weeks ago. He has got stronger and stronger in both his body and his brain. We call it "Marvelous"

Let me tell you something.
Tomorrow (21 September) is the peace day. Be kind with people and avoid quarrels with others. This is the best way to start peace at home and wherever you go.

And if you are availble, you can join the activity at Thai Youth Hotel as below link.


May Peace prevail on Earth!

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