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สิงหาคม 2549
23 สิงหาคม 2549
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My Wednesday 23 Aug Dairy..

Wednesday already, August Already, Time flies.

Today I went to swim and I can swim about 800 Metre. No much time to swim much because the sun rise very fast. :P I don't want to get tanner ( more tan) Anyway, I feel healthy..

Nothing to update much..

Today the weather in Bangkok is not stable : it was raining at lunch time.

In the evening, the sky is clear. I drove my car cross Rama 8 bridge at about 5PM, it is very very beautiful.. The sky , the cloud and the sun light get along well with the bridge...

I visited and stayed with my uncle all evening.. he can walk , can communicate with me and other persons....It is like a miracle because last month in ICU it was really bad situation........For now,one concern is his brain or memory work not the same as previous...Sometimes, he does something like a child that we could not expect him to do.. I am not sure whether he will recover from this or not. Time will tell.

My aunt ( his sister) has stayed with him for all period he had stayed in the hospital. She contributed herself taking care of him a lot. Really respect her dedication.

I came home at 9.30 PM...and now I am here.. upload the blog..

Nice to see u here.

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Cycle of life is driven and catalyzed by time....

My sons are growing up everyday... Meanwhile, I'm getting older and older... Happiness that we experienced today may not be memorable to me when my time has come. But I wish my children could convey it to theirs!! :)

I wish you're doing OK, fine, happy and healthy...


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Hi ka,
I am doing fine:) Everything seems to be okay for now.

Nice to hear from u from time to time.
Take care,

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