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มกราคม 2550
24 มกราคม 2550
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Going to be busy and today back to Yoga.

Today is very busy day and expect to busier tomorrow. Two press events are coming in next week. And I cannot start anything,yet. Just got a messaget to go ahead today...And tomorrow morning I have to go out for 1:1 interview. In the afternoon, I have a office meeting and it is going to be very long one which I need to prepare as well.

When should I draft action plan, PR Plan and coordinate with every parties such as sales person at hotel, clients? Drafting 2 press invitations,speech and press release, attending spokesperson training, revising materials, pitching article, summarizing graph, following up with news's clipping report from colleague,.........This is a true life of PR.... r u interest then? Don't be afraid, it is quite interesting job actually. :) One of my client asked me and interest to work like me although she know that it is very busy and busy job.

However, for today... I enjoyed the Yoga class after I did not attend for 2 months. Great start even I was dizzy during the class. Great Great... wanna go again!!!

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