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Life is uncertain...

Yes, season changes.

Life is uncertain. ͹Ԩѧ ءѧ ͹ѵ

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My uncle is now in ICU. This is so fast! He was fine and could walk last week. And just now the doctor said that there is almost no chance. His illness is very severe. My family aware of this and come together to visit him. My father told me that I should study Dhama. Dhama will help me understand life better than now.

What does he mean? Which parts of Dhama I should study? Or all of them...


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And today I got an urgent call from my client to set up an interview on next Tuesday! Time is very tight. But it is always happen like this. She knows that she inform me last minute but the program has to be done. So I have to face of urgent job like this. Too excited.. Will reporter understand? and will they come?


"Tomorrow will be better",right? One of my reader in the blog give me the sentence.

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That is life.

I read what I quote below from a book when I was in Thailand and I remind myself.

..All people are on the way toward the same final destination of their lives. It is death. Nobody can escape from it. So, why people try to make life difficult?... (unknown authour)

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Hi, I am very pleased to have my own blog. This blog was inspired from a friend from Pantip -Klaiban.... Actually I do write diary in my book..not everyday but quite often.. and in Thai.

I started to know Klaiban (Pantip) when I intended to have a Toefl test and found out adviser there. Many friends gave recommend on my essays and encouraged me in writing. I wish I can do it better.


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