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เมษายน 2550
3 เมษายน 2550
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Memory to her

It is April Fool day.
Nobody fools Me this year.
I don't fool anyone as well.

How do I know this day?

It was summer time 10 year ago.
It was the time when I and my sister were in Australia for summer.
My cousin told us about April Fool Day,
In Australia, some persons fool others with hard story such as an accident.
And in one day before we left Australia, we did quite the same pattern. My sister did it and our gang agreed with the plan. We stealed my cousin from the Thai restaurant because of accident reason.After that, we including my cousin enjoyed the farewell party for me and my sister!!!!!!

I am not sure if we felt guity.

We were there to stay with homestay on weekday. And we were in my cousin rooms in weekend. So, we did enjoy party a lot. It was not a objective of the trip actually. But it happened with a reason. Destiny mights be a reason.

Time files.
It has been 10 years already.
I remembered that we were there in 1997.
It was the year my sister and my brother-in-law were met.
They married after they pass 7 years test.
( She told me that "7" is the test year for girlfriend & boyfriend )
And finally, they married in the 8th year.
And they went in peace in the latter year.
It was a destiny of you guys.

I always wish you are in peace na..
and I always miss you.
People told that we should not let you guys worried. Otherwise, you were not in peace.
But as told you na, don't be worried about me, i can handle it. :)
Somehow, I just would like to write up you story before time will gradually pass and my memory about you will be uncleared.

It was such a nice trip we were there in Australia.
I remember that we were so glad that we decided to stay together in one homestay instead of two homestays.
I felt strange to be alone. And you thought the same. So, we stayed together. :)

We went to get 'Timtam' from the supermarket many times. We were addicted to Timtam, i guess.

We liked going to karaoke a lot.
If I am not wrong, there is one song we sang together with the gang.. the number is 733A02.
Malaysian friend ,Chirst speak Thai very fluent and sang a good of Thai song.He finally married with Thai girl.
We enjoyed 'photo sticker' a lot.
We were happy with cheap icecreme from McDonalds. I remembered that it was only one thing that cheaper than Thailand.
We went to pub & bar a few time.
We had B-B-Q a few time at Bow house.
We went to Casino when my age was not allowed.
We had have a lot of friends from many countries, Korea, Japan.
We brought 'Spray Prik Tai' to everywhere we go. :P
We learned how to 'give me five' from Ray.
We liked eating Apple Crumble sooo much...

There were many stories happen there like you always said.. 'I know what you did last summer'

Maybe, this year i will go there again. I am thinking about visiting Australia again. Finding an affordable ticket one to visit Tuahere, P'Ja and our nephew.. a new comer of the family. And to travel some places.

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Very nice memory for you. Congratulations !

โดย: G@boR วันที่: 3 เมษายน 2550 เวลา:2:55:09 น.  

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