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กันยายน 2549
7 กันยายน 2549
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I went to see "An Inconvenient Truth" - Recommend :)

Do you know what this movie talking about?

I watched it yesterday at Scala cinema. It is documentary film. The movie is talking about global warming situation and it show us what is going on everyday with the earth we stay. And the earth is ruined everyday and it goes very fast. Many part of the world were effected by this problem already. You know and you feel it,right?

Moreover, I learned more than environment issue. I know one important person. The only person who presents the issue is Al Gore , the one who used to be The Next President of USA.

I did not have any idea about him before only the fact that he lost in the USA election on last 7-8 year. His skill in presentation inspired me to be good at communication. But that 's not a topic.
He stated very clear about the problem and what's happen on the Earth. The movie showed us how his thought about the enviroment problem is, what he had done to protect our earth, and why enviroment is more important than Terrorism , Economics... We, of course, cannot compare "The Earth" with "The gold = Economic". How can we are rich if we do not have the Earth to stay?

Last but not least, the movie has advised me to do something to protec the earth. One of those is to go on the next election. That's impossible for me because I am not keen on it for now. Another one is to do reuse or recycle. That's what I do sometimes and will try to do it as practices. Telling others to see it is one of the recommendation which I think I will do it although no one tell me.

I think many people will learn a lot of seeing the movie. :) Good Luck and enjoy the movie.

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Hi, I am very pleased to have my own blog. This blog was inspired from a friend from Pantip -Klaiban.... Actually I do write diary in my book..not everyday but quite often.. and in Thai.

I started to know Klaiban (Pantip) when I intended to have a Toefl test and found out adviser there. Many friends gave recommend on my essays and encouraged me in writing. I wish I can do it better.


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