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มกราคม 2550
19 มกราคม 2550
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Leave Them Behind

"Leave them behind"

There have been many issues that pulled out my energy and brought me some stress. Some of them are because of the sickness of my grandmother. I just realize that I am quite weak about this issue. I also think of my sister and my brother in law...and I feel sad. I thought I was okay but from time to time.. I cannot make it. It is not easy at all. I cry quite often for these a few days.

Besides, there was a job that quite hard for me to work through. It was time-consuming and stressful job. Anyway, it has been done quite well for the first presentation. Actually, I have a good support of my boss.

And I was sick: a bit headache and cough. It might because I had less relax time.

Well.... right now I am getting better. As I know that I have to leave things behind in sometimes and don't think too much. Everyone learns about this. And I learned about this before but I just forgot it in sometimes. And one of my senior friends just remind me with short phases. And it helps.

The way we think is very important. If we think that everything will be okay. It will be okay.

However, shopping is the thing my team and I did today after done presentation. It is very good solution that that help to relax. But I am afraid that it is not a long term soltuion as I cannot do it oftenly. :P

Exercise is a must for me to start up again as it is a good solution for everything. And Focusing in reading might help.

P.S. I try to come back to write in English to practice English as my first intention. Feel free to give me some feedback if you don't understand. Or if you have any suggestion to improve my skills. It is my pleasure to know. :)

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I understand the situation that makes you feel weak sometimes. But I believe you have a very solid mind. This is important for one who wants to do and to achieve in whatever in life.

Having said that, it's also important to enjoy yourself while working hard. Pls take care of your health.

โดย: ss IP: วันที่: 19 มกราคม 2550 เวลา:3:52:35 น.  

Thanks for stopping by...

May I give you one short suggestion?

If so, here it is; "Please live your life."

You cannot take all of certain facts of life upon your shoulders and take them along of your life... That's too much of burden you're carrying. Unload them off, move on, enjoy your life, and have fun with it.

I'm not asking you to be a cold, heartless person... I do know that you're always caring about people... But, life always has sad truth within. Even you try and try and try to resist it, it will definitely happen anyhow... It's normalcy in life na krub.

Take care krub,

โดย: A.T. IP: วันที่: 19 มกราคม 2550 เวลา:5:58:38 น.  

Agree with you both. I think I can enjoy myself. It is not hard to do. But sometimes, I was too worries.

Thanks to reminding and please take care.

โดย: The phu (The phu ) วันที่: 20 มกราคม 2550 เวลา:8:43:50 น.  

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