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Dance for health and happiness.

It is really cool to join body jam class at fitness. This week, I turned myself to focus in exercising. I joined many different classes at fitness. And I found that I really enjoyed the body jam class. body jam is the exercise class by using different posture in dancing. There are many different type of song such as Jazz, Tango, Hiphop.... So cool ! i would like to be a good dancer.. i got an inspiration from the class. !

As a new comer for the class, I am quite shy that I could not follow the teacher. However, just forgot about it and dance.

Dancing is diffent from Yoga class where I normally do. Dancing, I have to move very fast and actually it is not very good for my bone and muscle. Because my bone and muscle are hurt easily. However, I will be careful about it .. to make sure that I can continue dancing class.

Exercising is very good for human beings to do. I just to reconfirm about this issue.

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Are you trying to "Save the Last Dance"? :)

A good movie, I believe that you've watched it.

BTW, I added around 10 more blogs in the past few days. If you have time, please be my guest.

Best regards,

P.S. Thanks for the explanation about body combat and body pumping though. Now I got it!

โดย: A.T. (amatuer translator ) วันที่: 9 กุมภาพันธ์ 2550 เวลา:0:50:27 น.  

Did u join Nike rockstar ? it really very fun. i really love for body jam, body combat,bodybalance,now i love combo lo, heheheehe

โดย: Hawaii_Havaii วันที่: 9 กุมภาพันธ์ 2550 เวลา:6:14:05 น.  

Hi Khun A.T,

I have never watched "Save the Last Dance" ka. believe it is a good move,.... i should find dvd to see.

I will go to visit your blog ka.

Hi k.Hawaii_Havaii,

No ka, i did not join Nike Rockstar? what is that actually? I don't know what is combo lo,too.

But seem like we like the same thing na ka... :)

โดย: The phu (The phu ) วันที่: 10 กุมภาพันธ์ 2550 เวลา:0:45:37 น.  

About EBay, I'm a stamp collector.

When I was young, I always thought that it's really difficult and very expensive to buy Thai old stamps (e.g. old stamps from Rama V, VI, VII, and VIII.)

So, when I was in Thailand, I had very few of those old stamps.

Lately, I started to look for them on Ebay and found that many of those old Thai stamps were available for auctioning on the website with relatively lower prices than they were in Thailand.

So I got some from Ebay...

That's about it. :)

โดย: A.T. (amatuer translator ) วันที่: 12 กุมภาพันธ์ 2550 เวลา:2:00:56 น.  

Oh I see... so , you are there to collect stamps....
I was thinking that what are interesting things in ebay that enable to attract a man to do shopping?

โดย: The phu IP: วันที่: 13 กุมภาพันธ์ 2550 เวลา:3:39:19 น.  

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Hi, I am very pleased to have my own blog. This blog was inspired from a friend from Pantip -Klaiban.... Actually I do write diary in my book..not everyday but quite often.. and in Thai.

I started to know Klaiban (Pantip) when I intended to have a Toefl test and found out adviser there. Many friends gave recommend on my essays and encouraged me in writing. I wish I can do it better.


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