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Adult should responsible for children.

Today I had a chance to talk with to N'Pong, he is a child in one foundation for orphan children. I knew him about 7 years ago at a camp where we did activites for him and other children. Now he grows up to be officer of the foundation. He is only one from more than a lot children that proceed his life in this good way. Many of his friends go in the wrong ways. He updated me about some children that used to go camping with me.

N'Pong is a good boy. An officer told me that he picked N'Pong from somewhere around Hualumpong and Rama IV road when he was a little child. He got lost from his parents who probably workers for constucting. When jobs were moved, they must move with those jobs. An officer believe that they might not intentionally left him. An officer tried to help him to find his parents but cannot find.

An officer is proud of him that he grows up and enable to help the foundation. I do proud of him that he could be a good example of the next generation of children in the foundation.

Some update from him about his friends who grow up together with me. And I know them.

One is arrested by policeman because of he addicted to สารระเหย
One has a wife and a baby( while still study in M.3) , now he stayed with his wife.
One has a wife and does not go to school.
One who told me that he wanted to be a singer, now he quit school and not to continue..


Only a few children that I can proud of them. The rest cannot be good example for the next generation. I think if they have role models, they will practice the same. We need more role models for children.

Just now... I just heard from radio news that Thailand was rank number 5 in the world as a host of illegal content about pornographic website.

I am not happy and get a bit angry to hear this news. I related my above opinion about children to this news.

Damn it!
What is going on here in Thailand!

Adults should responsible to children problems. We must responsible for these. One thing that I notice about pornographic / Clip vedio is... many people like to forward emails about them without rethinking. It should be okay if those photos/clips do not pass to children. But I think they do.

Or I think too much.

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I totally agree in everything you said about the irresponsible adults !

People have less and less morals every day !! It's so sad but very true !! It pisses me off every time to talk or hear about something like this. Besides, it irritates me so much whenever I see those poor(especially the beggars) having so many children !! I think they are so selfish !! They cannot even afford themselves but keep producing innocent lives but unable to feed or clothe them properly !!

OOP, sorry for venting out with you here. It's just the immediate emotion after reading you you wrote above.

โดย: Chini (Chini ) วันที่: 5 ตุลาคม 2549 เวลา:10:00:56 น.  

Thanks for inputing your comment here.

anyway, for those poor, I think maybe some of them are not intentionally to be selfish. They just were not aware because no enough education for them. If they know what the benefit are and how to control birth rate, they might do.

However, Don't worry. We still have hope! One of my friend told me that.

โดย: The pHu IP: วันที่: 6 ตุลาคม 2549 เวลา:0:20:52 น.  

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