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พฤษภาคม 2549
30 พฤษภาคม 2549
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Another working day and thinking about focusing in study

Hi ka,

Now my life is back to normal, less pressure from clients. That's why we call that life is up and down all the time...

So my stomach is fine right now, no vibration ...hahaha.

For PR, the importance is to sustain the momentum of the brand in the market. So I have to do a PR plan for my client to make sure that there are some press activities along the quarter. Press activities in my meanings are such as an interview, press release or even executive luncheon session with editor.

It has been a month that I have been very busy and now it is time for me to focus on my study objective ( personal thing ) - Hopefully I can focus on it.

GMAT is not that easy ka. As well as I have to test Toefl again to get higher score.

I have to sustain the momentum of studying,too...

Ok. I got to go for study now. Bye bye.

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I like the idea of borrowing a few thoughts from a part of daily life and applying them for another. I did sth like that as well.

Encouragement is sometimes needed in order to keep the momentum to achieve our goal.

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Hi, I am very pleased to have my own blog. This blog was inspired from a friend from Pantip -Klaiban.... Actually I do write diary in my book..not everyday but quite often.. and in Thai.

I started to know Klaiban (Pantip) when I intended to have a Toefl test and found out adviser there. Many friends gave recommend on my essays and encouraged me in writing. I wish I can do it better.


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