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QA for Life :- The bad offering

Question and Answer for Life

By the Most Ven. Phrabhavanaviriyakhun
Edited from the Luang Phaw Answers the Questions program broadcasting on DMC

Q1:  In the morning alms round, if someone usually offers only rice to the monks, what will he get in this life and next lifetimes?

Q2:  If someone makes merit and makes a wish that he wants to be celibate through his life, his wish will be come true, is it correct?

Question:  If someone usually offered only rice without any meat, vegetable, soup or dessert, to the monks in the morning alms round, what will he get in this life or next lifetime?

Answer:  What you have got comes from what you had done.  If you offered only rice without other things, when the merit yields fruit, you will get the incomplete things. You can imagine that if you are forced to eat only rice everyday, how do you feel?  It is like that.

In some communities, if people sometimes offer only rice and sometimes do not offer any food so that the monks have only rice or do not have any food to have, when the merit yields fruit in the next lifetime, sometimes they will get money or things and sometimes they will not.  They will get anything less or more than their expectation because of their bad offerings.

:  If someone makes merit and makes a wish that he wants to be celibate through his life, his wish will be come true, is it correct?

Answer:  When someone makes merit, the merit will yield its fruit certainly.  However, if you don’t attain the inner Dhammakaya, the wishes you had made don’t often work.  If you attain the inner Dhammakaya and your wishes concern with your practicing way to Nirvana, your wishes will be sacred and fulfill since this life on.

So if you see the troubles from marriage and do not want to marry, you have to meditate seriously until you attain the inner Dhammakaya in this lifetime and then often make a wish that you want to be celibate.  Do it again and again and your wish will be come true.

If you do not attain the inner Dhammakaya, you will be either celibate or not.  But if you attain the inner Dhammakaya, it is 100 percent that you will be celibate and let’s come to ordain as the monks again in the next lifetime. Okay?

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