Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Mobile Docking
I've had this keyboard for 2 days now. The build quality on the keyboard itself is great and really makes your transformer look like a netbook. There is no flex in the keyboard which I have seen on my expensive laptops. It is only 8% smaller than a standard keyboard so it's been pretty easy for me to type on. In fact I'm typing this review from my keyboard now. The chicklet keys are great and make it much easier to figure out which key your finger is on. The usb ports recognize my ntfs formatted usb hard drive. I don't have an SDXC card to test it out but from what I'm seeing it should be able to read those cards to giving you a big boost in memory in case you could only pick up the 16gb Transformer like most people so far. The trackpad is nice and responsive but a bit too sensitive. I have found my thumbs inadvertantly hitting the trackpad, but you can disable the trackpad and use a usb mouse or bluetooth mouse with your transformer, pluss the touchscreen still works great. There are plenty of dedicated android buttons. Including a screenshot button brightness, volume, media player wifi, bluetooth, home screen, internet, and menu buttons. Having the ctrl buttons are great when I'm using splashtop to control my PC from my Transformer. Too bad it's missing a recent apps key, but that's always on your screen to click anyway.

Now to the software glitches that keep me from giving this five stars. There are times I've had the keybaord stop responding and have had to remove the transformer and put it back in to get it back on. Also it inadvertantly disables wifi even though my finger was nowhere near that key. Others are having this issue to, and disabling the trackpad seems to reduce the frequency by which it happens, and we're hearing Asus has already heard of the issue and is looking into it. This should be able to be fixed with software considering the keyboard itself even has it's own firmware.

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