United Cutlery Undercover Push Dagger Set with Sheath
This review is from: United Cutlery Undercover Push Dagger Set with Sheath (Sports)
First, let's start with the sheath. It is made of a nice hard plastic, keeps them in there pretty decently, doesn't take too much to take them out, but they don't just fall out either. I think the stretchy elastic band is for wider belts, but wearing normal belts, I tossed the elastic to the side and grabbed the nylon band, which is keeping them in place rather well. Also, with the placing on my back, I sometimes forget that they are even there. Now onto the blades, nice, fairly sharp sides, nice tip, and comes lightly covered in what I believe was oil. They are very lightweight, easy to draw, and very nice-looking, the matte black finish I prefer on most of my knives, simply because in the dark of night, an attacker won't see what you have hopefully even after you cut/stab them. Now for the bad... The finger indents on it are too large, if I actually hit someone, I will be likely to hurt myself, some tape on the handle should take care of that. And that it does seem a bit small, but compromised small=concealability but small=less effective. Not that this wouldn't seriously hurt someone though. Not bad by far, and for so cheap, I really like these. Comes with he two blades and the durable plastic sheath that is easily concealed on the back of your pants. This way you're able to quickly draw one blade from either side or both at the same time.
On top of that the price was amazing.

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