New 7 inch Android 2.2 VIA8650 ePad Tablet PC 3.0MP Camera, Supports External 3G Modem+WiFi+RJ45+Two
This is my first review with Amazon, and I've been on here for years. I hope this shows how determined I am that great sellers and products like this keep thriving in Amazon's market.
I am an IT professional and I can be impatient with some of the current technology. This tablet has a single core processor and, depending on how crazy you go with having multiple things running, it may get sluggish at times. This shouldn't scare anyone from buying it, though. If you're looking for a truly multitasking environment, spend more money and get a laptop.
( I am able to run a couple of apps like the market app, browser, and a pdf reader without any problems)
As an Android device, I really couldn't find anything better. Most tablets out there for this same price are Android 2.1, with a 600 Mhz processor. Also, most of these you will have to order from China through e-Bay. If you're looking for an Amazon equivalent, you'll likely pay an extra 50$ and maybe more for the same technology.

I decided to go with this tablet because technology changes so much that it's really not worth getting top of the line, since it will be outdated in just a few months anyway. If you do your research right, you will find that for tablets only slightly better are up to twice as expensive as this one, and they will come down to the price of this tablet in about six months, with new technology coming out.

This tablet DOES support Android Market, and you will be able to download many apps on it. It reads the SD card without a glitch. YouTube videos stream as if I was on a desktop. There's no high buffer wait. The picture quality is amazing.
Also, reading pdf/kindle/etc books on here does not strain your eyes. The text is clear/sharp.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but all current Operating systems, and I would bet that Android fits here as well, take advantage of the "hard" memory for the processor to use. This tablet might have only 256 mb of RAM memory, but do your research if this scares you. The thing also has its flash memory for storage and I do believe that it uses that memory as well for processing applications.

At the end of the day, it's best to do your research and make sure that your budget fits with your needs. If you are looking for support for a seller that is reliable and does fast shipping, along with a solid tablet that runs smooth and has amazing features unless you start using it inappropriately (it is not a laptop!), then this is the product at lowest cost.

Have I mentioned how great the seller is? Usually replies to e-mails within just a few hours!

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