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I normally don't comment on the many items I buy through Amazon but I felt I had to make an exemption. I have been looking for a receiver for the past year and finally came upon this Onkyo model. The TX-NR609 is a great receiver for starters and for people looking to upgrade their receivers. It sounds great and it is a really quiet receiver as well. It has many hookups that regular consumers would need. It also has many features that audiophiles would look for in a receiver. I can't praise it enough. Make sure you shop around because Amazon has this receiver at least $100 less than any Audio/Video store. Don't be fooled by local stores because mostly they don't have people that know what you need. I'm very pleased with my purchase of this Onkyo receiver and after much research it seemed to be a great value.

It was delivered quickly and I was able to set everything up to sucessfully run my I-Pod, DVDs, Radio, Internet radio, HD TV, Wii Games, plus the Channel 2 capability runs additional speakers i have located out on my deck. I am not a technically competent guy and all of this high tech stuff easily baffles me, so the set up and operation took me longer than it should have, some trial and error.

I also purchased the 5.1 Energy Take Speakers listed as a recommended buy on
C-Net, and together they proved to be everything i need to fill my living room which measures approx. 20' x 26'.

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