Clarion NX501 6.2" Double-DIN Navigation Multimedia Control Station
Originally posted on crutchfield but they won't let me edit it or update my comments.
I love this head unit. It sounds fantastic has all the options i wanted the navigation
features and speed alerts come in handy, I've had it installed for 3 weeks and Just really
got used to the menus. Would have gotten 5 stars except today the navigation function
wont load. i was out using the system it was finding all the places i needed to go
but on my 3rd stop of the day after i started my car the nav software loaded, asked
me for the language preference and when i selected English it proceeded to boot
then hung and rebooted the entire radio.

I have reset defaults, disconnected the power to try and reset no go. Everything else
still works only the navigation wont load. I am restoring my memory chip (made a backup)
hopefully it's just the chip (windows reported an issue when i plugged it in) if that
dose not work i will be calling clarion and square trade to see what's up.
Restoring the original micro sd programing from the backup I made resolved the problem. The radio and navigation has worked flawlessly since then as long as I did not try to apply the updated map pack. Every time I tried updating the micro sd chip file system becomes corrupt. And I am unable to create a new backup and the nav function stops working again.
This unit seems to be very sensitive to usb thumb memory as well. It has been about 4 weeks since I resolved the navigation issue and after switching from a 8gb mushkin usb (exfat) thumb drive to a larger 16gb centon (fat32) data stick pro the unit reboots every 6 or 7 min min. It works fine with the 16gb chip disconnected or using my 8gb or 2gb lextor. I'm going to try formatting the chip to exfat and try a different stick maybe I got a bad one (I have 2)
Other issues. On power up the head unit misreads the usb drive contents and shows it as blank. Resulting in having to turn it off or select a different source then reselect usb audio to reset the file lists.
The random function only plays the files in the current folder randomly so unless you lump all your tracks in one folder you have to navigate to other albums manually As other users have noted navigating the menus while driving to select songs is somewhat buggy and takes a bit of practice, it would have been nice if the remote up down and left right toggles could navigate the folders. I used to do that with my previous clarion radio and the wireless wheel remote. Attached to my stick shift, But the remote won't do that.

updated, reboot issues were due to 2 defective usb keys, they have been replaced with a different brand and no issues. interface issues still remain after updating all firmware to latest versions. overall im very happy with the unit, if just still needs a bit of refinement.

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