Etón American Red Cross ARCFR160R Microlink Self-Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio with Flashlight, S
Radios for Everyday Preparedness

The American Red Cross MICROLINK FR160 by Etón does more than keep you connected. This new spin on an Etón classic incorporates our award winning design and standard feature sets into a sleek easy to use package. It is a multifunctional, ultra-compact companion ready for any preparedness kit.

When emergencies or outdoor adventures take you off the grid, you need a device that can fill multiple needs. The American Red Cross MICROLINK FR160 is so compact that you can easily store in a safety kit or toss in your rucksack and take anywhere. It has a high-quality AM/FM tuner, providing you with news, entertainment and public service announcements. Not only that, but it also integrates a NOAA Weather Band receiver that brings you weather forecasts, alerts and other emergency messages--information vital during severe weather conditions.
Weather radios are sort of a hobby of mine. There is just about no place I can go on my property that there isn't one within reach somewhere. Six different brands are represented presently by what I own, including a more expensive Eton that is not my best radio. This small, (and I mean small) new line from Eton is a whole new animal to be sure. Its controls and design are very user friendly. And the reception on all channels, including the weather, is very loud and clear. Its true that the dial numbers for the AM FM are very small as some other reviewers have mentioned and can make it hard to tune accurately. But that is something common, as well as for me expected in a radio so small. What sets this unit apart from all the others I own in my opinion is its price and solar power. It is without a doubt the cheapest weather radio I have come across that is solar powered. Big, small, or otherwise. Even though one has been able to buy solar powered calculators at discount stores for less than $10 for years now, for some reason the weather radio industry has treated solar power as something still high tech and to be appreciated only in their most expensive units. My only other solar powered radio cost me over $60. The only possible down side that I should mention about this radio is that it does not take batteries. It would have been nice if they included that option. But they didn't and its either the solar power or crank. This could be a very big negative for some folks who would feel comfortable knowing they could just stick some batteries in it if all else fails. Although 90% of the time the solar power is all you should ever need, if you will routinely keep this in a rather dark place, or happen to be lost out in the savage wilderness someplace with this radio in a continuous cloud cover, be ready to do a whole heap of crankin'. All in all, its finally nice to see a very reasonably priced unit that is solar powered and of a very quality build and design as well. I highly recommend the Eton for a portable unit that can be taken anywhere easily, powered effortlessly, and gives quality performance all in one package....
At only 5.25 inches, the MICROLINK FR160 literally fits in the palm of your hand. It also includes a powerful solar panel, which gives you the freedom to explore without the hassle of batteries or adapters. If that wasn’t enough, we also added a full sized USB port to easily charge any small electrical device such as an mp3 player or cell phone. You’ll always know what’s going on, thanks to the AM, FM and NOAA Weather Band tuners. With the additional flashlight and cell phone charger, you can’t go wrong with the MICROLINK as it is one versatile little device.

No one likes to think about disaster, but being prepared can make chances of surviving one much greater. Included with the purchase of this product is an American Red Cross preparedness guide as well as a donation to the American Red Cros

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