Samsung LN46D630 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV (Black)
I bought this on a whim at a local big-box store after seeing true blacks beat the competing LG 47" model. Everything about the TV is incredible, especially compared to the 32" Toshiba LCD it replaced. The display settings are all adjustable, for example, "Auto Motion Plus" with 1-10 settings for both blur and judder reduction.

It has a USB input on the recessed side and can play Divx AVI files, XVID, and a few video files types. If you're playing a movie file and stop it (accident or otherwise), the 'D button' on the remote will return you to the same spot. The player also has fast forward and rewind. Only minor complaints are the back-lit remote glows orange (cheap) and doesn't even light all of the buttons.

The big problem I have is light leakage in the bottom two corners. On a black screen, you can see this as a flashlight effect pointing at 45 degrees to the middle. I can adjust the settings and come close to fix it, but on a dark movie like "The Descent" - it's still there. This is totally not acceptable, as I bought the TV primarily to watch movies. I'll probably return it in the next few days. Maybe for the same, or the LG 47" model. I'd read this was a big problem with low-end edge-lit LED models so this is a bit disappointing.

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