LG 42LK520 42-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV
I have had this TV for only a few days, but it appears to be exactly what I wanted. The LK520 LG model is very similar to the earlier model LD520 (highly rated), except that the dynamic contrast is apparently a bit better for the LK520(150K to 1 vs 100K), but I suspect that may not be that significant.

It has sufficient inputs (HDMI, component, etc), and outputs, although I still wish these new HDTVs had a regular stereo output (ie., 2 RF outputs) so I could use them with my old amplifier. The LK520 only has 1 optical digital audio output. However, the sound from the LK520 speakers is surprisingly robust, although most will probably want more to complete the home theater experience. The LK520 also has a USB port, but I have not used this yet. The specs say you can connect your external USB devices for JPEG photos or MP3 files. (Note, this model does NOT have any internet connection capabilities--however you could hook this up to a BluRay DVD player that has this capability, if you want it).

I hooked up my cable box via an HDMI cord, and the LK520 provides a clear HD picture and does well with regular SD channels also. I hooked up the TV with component inputs from my oldish DVD player, and it looked very good. (Some day I will get a BluRay, so I can see more pores, I guess, on close ups...).

The LK520 has 120 Hz, so if you watch a lot of sports, this might be important (I don't). So maybe the 60 Hz LG LK450 might be OK for you, and save you 60-80$. However, note that the LK520 has a slightly higher dynamic contrast compared to the 60 Hz 42 inch LG LK450 (150K vs 100K).

The weight is only about 35 lbs, so it is relatively easy (if a bit awkward) to carry around. Also, the screen does not seem to have any serious reflection problems in stronger lighting situations.

The TV picture can be adjusted to your preferences, but I found the default settings good enough for me. It is Energy Star rated, which is good, but I found the "intelligent sensor" adjustments a bit too dark for me. However, you can adjust this as your wish.

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