Solitaire Free Pack
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Solitaire Free Pack--the lite version of the popular Solitaire MegaPack--brings the addicting game of solitaire to your Android device. Packed with 43 great card games, including the traditional solitaire games of Klondike and Casino Klondike, you're bound to find something that gets you hooked.
Game Play

With Solitaire Free Pack, you can count on smooth gameplay and truly intuitive autoplay. There's no need to move each card to the appropriate position. The game predicts these moves and does them for you, quickly and effortlessly. Hate the move you made and wish you could take it back? With unlimited redoes, you'll never have to live with a bad move again. If you'd like to restart the entire game but keep the same hand, go for it. Solitaire Free Pack also gives you unlimited retries. Sometimes it takes more than one try to win a game, and there's nothing wrong with that.
Get the skinny on each game before playing

Solitaire Free Pack also offers clear, concise gaming instructions for each game listed. Not sure how to play Montana - Addiction? No problem--just click on Help to reveal the game's rules along with game layout. Just in case you need it, help is always available, even in the middle of gameplay.

Use the sort features available on Solitaire Free Pack--game type, name, category, most played, difficulty, and game time--to find the games you like best. For each game you select from the main menu, another convenient menu appears revealing the game's category, type, luck, difficulty, and game time. This way you know what you're getting into before you invest any of your time.

If you like keeping track of your games, Solitaire Free Pack stores all your game information and compiles them in Stats. In Stats, you'll find games played and won, average and high score, and average game time. Check out Stats often for the games you play regularly to see how well you're doing.

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