Key-Bak Super48 Retractable 48" Key Reel / Tool Caddy with Kevlar Cord
Product DescriptionI found that the Key Retractor which is 100% made in the USA is an excellent was to carry around multiple keys. It is strong, light weight, and is made of fine quality material throughout. Once you examine it you know that it was built to last. I work in a correctional facility and use my Key Retractor to carry around 12 keys that I use to get into storage rooms, inmate rooms, etc. I learned about this product from a colleage who has used his for 7 years. His looks and works as good as my new one does.
Great for keys but can also be used for small tools such as flashlights. Exclusive quick-draw extension makes this KEY-BAK® faster, easier to use, and holds more keys. Exclusive ball socket locks in place to carry weight on the housing (Keys cannot droop). Easily unlocks and extends 48". Robust case fabricated of durable polycarbonate material. Dust shield keeps interior clean and prolongs service life. Kevlar cable is stronger and lighter than chain and is smooth in action. Clip / Loop attachment allows dual functionality. Carries up to 5 times the weight of other retractors - holds up to 8 to 10 oz. All black design offers high-tech look. Oversize 1-1/4" split ring is standard for larger load. Corrosion proof for long service life. Brand new in original manufacturer packaging. American origin, engineering, and quality. Manufacturer lifetime service policy. Body Size: 2-1/8" across x 2-1/2" long (not including socket and ring) x 3/4" thick (not including belt clip).

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